Tuesday, May 10, 2016

UN Radicals are Gearing Up for a Huge Push

Pro-Lifers at the UN Must Remain Strong
You can help . . .

from Austin Ruse
Publisher/Friday Fax

In a few weeks pro-abortion UN bureaucrats are convening something called the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul. The conference will be run by the bureaucrats for the bureaucrats. They are not going to allow pro-life countries a voice in the document coming out of the conference.

Since the bureaucrats are all pro-abortion, you can imagine how awful the outcome will be.

C-Fam and likeminded groups are working diligently right now in New York and in capitals around the world to encourage pro-life countries to fight back and not let this catastrophe go forward in this way. Pro-life countries must stand up to the UN Secretariat that is trying to ram this process down their throats.

A Catastrophe in the Making

UN pro-life forces have fought the pro-aborts to a stalemate these past 20 years. They wanted an explicit right to abortion at the Cairo Conference in 1994 and the unborn child won. A coalition of the Vatican, and pro-life Catholic countries from Latin America, along with Muslim countries banded together and ended the dream of UN radicals that abortion would be the law of the world.

This victory has been long-lasting. Abortion proponents have not gotten any further than what they got at Cairo twenty years ago.

But a whole new push is under way under the guise of a new and dangerous phrase:


That is the new phrase they are touting to spread the gospel of abortion. C-Fam and like-minded group are fighting tooth and nail to block or at least qualify that phrase. And I promise you we will block it.

I have to admit to you that we at C-Fam are swamped. We are stretched to the breaking point. We just finished several UN Commissions, each of which demanded our full-time attention. Something called Habitat III just reared its ugly head, a conference on housing that will include this new and dangerous term.

We are running a global campaign warning people about the UN Global Tax for Abortion.

We have helped to organize a new global coalition called Civil Society for the Family that already has 150 members groups from every corner of the globe. We are hosting a UN conference next week with 24 UN Member States and allied NGOs.

Next month we are convening a vitally important conference of UN diplomats, a private meeting of fellowship and information sharing. This is perhaps the most important thing we do all year for it helps to band our side tightly together in order to meet the ideological onslaught.

All of this is accomplished and much more by C-Fam’s seven full time fully dedicated professionals who are truly amazing. They are simply the best in the world at what they do.

We simply cannot do this without you, without your prayers, without your financial support.


C-Fam does not have deep-pocketed donors. We do not have government support. We are not paid by the Church. All of our support...every bit of it, comes from small donations from regular folks all over the world.

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