Thursday, May 12, 2016

When I Spoke on Pro-Life Issues at Harvard, Here’s How Some Students Reacted


By Ryan Bomberger
Life News

College campuses tend to reflect foreign nations with limited speech rights instead of the land of the free and home of the brave. The exchange of ideas has so many caveats and unspoken disclaimers that it’s easy to forget in a University that there’s a First Amendment.

Safe spaces have replaced robust discourse, sheltering too many from the non-monolithic marketplace of ideas.

Harvard’s motto used to be “Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae” which translates into “Truth for Christ and the Church” as the school was established to train missionaries. Today, it is simply “Veritas” or “Truth”, severed from the original Source, left to be subjective and ultimately (as we see with abortion) destructive. Knowing Truth is a constant pursuit, and it takes initiative. Seven years ago, when my amazing wife Bethany and I started The Radiance Foundation, I knew little about the historical, legal, socio-economic, and scientific aspects of abortion. I worked hard to learn, to weigh evidence, to come to reasoned conclusions about the human rights issue of our day.

I truly applaud the brand new Law Students for Life (LSL) and the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) for creating an opportunity for Truth to be spoken on an Ivy League campus. (Sadly, we were prohibited by the “prochoice” professor from recording the event.)

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They invited The Radiance Foundation to Harvard Law School to address abortion’s alarming disproportionate impact in the black community. Harvard Law Professor Diane Rosenfeld, who teaches courses on “Gender Violence, Law and Social Justice” was invited to offer a pro-abortion view. Her focus is ironic, considering she supports the violence of abortion and Planned Parenthood which has repeatedly failed to report rape and was caught aiding and abetting sexual predators in Live Action’s undercover video exposé. I was born as a result of rape so protecting the innocent is my passion.

It became immediately apparent, during Rosenfeld’s presentation, that she knew nothing about the topic. She had to have talking points given to her by the Harvard Law Students for Reproductive Justice the night before. She filled her time invoking buzzwords that define Women Studies programs (victim, bodily integrity, sexual coercion, gender violence) and sounded reminiscent of Margaret Sanger repeatedly emphasizing the eugenic belief that only “wanted” children are worthy of life.

It was surreal to hear the mocking laughter, jeers, and mistimed finger snapping throughout my brief 15 minute presentation. I shared my story of adoption, dispelled the myth of the “unwanted” child, talked about more black babies being aborted than born alive, and provided historical and statistical context to the issue. 

It was obvious the more vocal pro-choice students didn’t want context; they wanted confusion. I asked, pointedly, how do we deal with the statistical truth that more black babies are aborted than born alive in New York City (1,180 aborted for every 1,000 born alive)? The responses, during an hour-long Q&A, came flooding out in macro-aggressive tirades that desperately avoided the central claim and theme of the forum.

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