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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Baby Box Founder Undeterred by Warning, Plans Defense Fund

by Tom Coyne, Associated Press
ABC News

The founder of an organization that has installed boxes where mothers can leave unwanted infants is undeterred by a warning from Indiana that they are illegal and intends to make sure more mothers have protected access to them.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes founder Monica Kelsey said she will create a legal fund to defend women the state says could face child abandonment charges for using the devices, two of which have been installed in northern Indiana.

Kelsey's group has selected two more sites in central Indiana and a site in Ohio where it intends to install boxes, even though Ohio officials, like those in Indiana, say state law doesn't allow it.

article continues at http://abcnews.go.com

Bloggers Note:  Voices for the Unborn supports Monica Kelsey and her Safe Haven Program.  We need more people to stand up as she has and be a voice for life! 

For more information on the Safe Haven Baby Boxes and to view the video produced by Patty Hunter of Patty's Page, of Monica unveiling the first baby box,  use this link.  

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