Sunday, June 19, 2016

NEW PROJECT: How to Make Your Church Pro-life

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life of America

Do you know how I first got started in the pro-life movement?

I was 15 and was looking for a summer volunteer opportunity. That’s why my youth pastor’s wife invited me to intern with her at the local pro-life pregnancy resource center. I had just returned back from winning a scholarship to a week of Space Camp. My career goals were already set - become an aeronautical engineer and work for NASA.

Yet, that first day at the pregnancy resource center changed everything.

Sometimes, I look back and wonder what would my life be like had it not been for that one person at my church inviting me to join the pro-life movement. Would I have made it to NASA? I’m not sure, but I do know that God has placed me where he wants me and what an incredible journey it has been. I’ve been able to dedicate my life to saving and serving others. It’s truly an honor.

Today, I want to ask you to join me and sign up to become a Pro-Life Future Church Captain and be that difference maker in so many lives in your church.

Later this month, Students for Life’s newest initiative, the Institute for Pro-Life Advancement, is going to release some shocking polling results about this generation and their views on abortion but also on what our nation’s clergy have to say about the pro-life movement.

The main thing you need to know is this: Only 5.5% of protestant pastors and 52% of Catholic priests reported in our national survey that their church had a pro-life outreach.

This is a tragedy. More than half of all women in our country who obtain an abortion say that they are Christian. Yet, our churches aren’t talking about it. Sometimes it’s fear of causing division and other times it's just fear of not knowing what to say.

We can do better. We have to do better.

As you know, Students for Life launched Pro-Life Future last year to give a place for pro-life activists who are outside of their school years to join and get active ending abortion in their communities.

Brendan O’Morchoe on our team is leading the charge for Pro-Life Future and when we sat down to brainstorm how we are going to correct these alarming stats, the Pro-Life Future Church Captain program was born!

Here’s how easy it will be for you to become active and get your church talking about abortion, saving lives and healing those wounded from abortion:

  • Step #1: Go here and sign up to become a Pro-Life Future Church Captain. Make sure you include your name, city, state, address, email, and the name of your church. 
  • Step #2: Wait to receive your first communication from Brendan with the link to our monthly “Ministry in a Box” kit. Every month, Brendan will email you a small kit that includes a theme (like post-abortion healing, Planned Parenthood, etc) and ideas for how you can talk about abortion to your pastor and fellow church members. Most of the kit you will be able to download online and print from your home. Other components, like postcards, you will be able to order from our Headquarters in Virginia.
  • Step #3: Follow the step-by-step directions in your kit to get your pro-life ministry going in your church and start saving lives!

We know you are busy so we are making it as simple as possible for you to be life-saver and life-changer in your church. I hope you will join us.

Students for Life of America (SFLA) is one of the nation’s most active pro-life organizations and the largest youth pro-life organization. We are the only national pro-life organization dedicated to training and equipping college, high school, medical, and law school students. Our approach is uniquely effective, and the methods we have developed are a combination of time-tested techniques and cutting-edge technology. Read More about Students for Life by using this link.

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