Thursday, June 23, 2016

One Step Closer to Banning Dismemberment Abortions in Pennsylvania

From Ted Meehan
Pro-Life Union of Delaware County

Pennsylvania's great Pro-life leader in the State House, Kathy Rapp, has written and maneuvered a Ban on Dismemberment Abortions through the House - prevailing by a 132 - 65 margin! Congratulations are due to her, as well as thanks. ( This is the first pro-life legislation that substantively addresses the victim, since Steve Freind's magnificent Abortion Control Act in 1989. Getting it through the House is a major accomplishment. But, for it to become law, two more steps are needed. 1) Senate passage. 2) Governor's signature.

There are sufficient votes to pass this bill in the Senate, but it's always wise to encourage your senators anyway. So, please send an email AND call to ask that they pass House Bill 1948. (F
ind and contact your Senator using this link.)   This is important, because there is a companion bill in the Senate (SB 888), which is making its way through the process. Passing that would only slow things down, since it would then have to return to the House. The Senate must take up HB 1948 which was passed by the House.

Getting Governor Wolf to sign this bill is going to be our toughest task. But it CAN be done. 


  • Starting today write letters to the Editor and send them to as many newspapers as you can. Ditto social media. AND KEEP THEM COMING! Those who can offer a Commentary piece (Op Ed of about 300 words), are encouraged to send them too! Papers in Harrisburg and York will be most likely to make it to Wolf. But Philadelphia and Pittsburgh papers are important too. (A deluge of these opinion pieces set a positive tone, and raise the visibility of what the Abortion companies want to hide - ripping a near-fully-developed baby apart limb by limb.) Supporters of this must be made to OWN this horror. Wolf knows this is an election year, and his veto will harm many Democrats across Pennsylvania. (By the way, a significant number of Democrats helped pass this bill - about 20 - led by Bryan Barbin of Altoona, who spoke articulately on the floor for passage. A thank you to him is also recommended.

  • Next, call and send emails - for the next month - to Governor Wolf, asking him to sign the Dismemberment Abortion Ban, and bring Pennsylvania into the community of civilized peoples who do not permit such cruelty. Seventeen other states have passed similar legislation and only 6 nations in the world permit abortions after 20 weeks - China, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, North Korea, and Netherlands. America, and especially Pennsylvania, must be among the most civilized nations of the world - not the least civilized and barbaric. A culture who rips apart it's own children forfeits its moral authority. It cannot urge civility, decency, and respect - when it turns a blind eye to such extreme cruelty.  Contact Gov. Wolf by phone at 717-787-2500 or to send him a message, use this link. 

  • Finally, use the 'Mercy' photo above when you write to Governor Wolf. Let him ponder this image, and the virtue it requests for the unborn Child, as he determines how to respond. We also have a few remaining Mercy post cards (maybe 100) for anyone who will send these out.
God bless each one for all you do to protect Life!

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

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