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Friday, June 17, 2016

Young Mom Who Fled Planned Parenthood and Saved Her Unborn Twins Has a Plea To ‘Any Women Contemplating Abortion’

Rebecca Rizzi holds images of her ultrasounds (Image source: Sherry Pierce)
Rebecca Rizzi holds images of her ultrasounds (Image source: Sherry Pierce)

By Billy Hallowell
The Blaze

Rebecca Rizzi was isolated, alone — and pregnant, convinced that her only viable option was to have an abortion. But after she arrived at Planned Parenthood in Tempe, Arizona, the unexpected happened: she met pro-life protesters at the clinic who changed her mind entirely.

Rizzi’s story was widely shared back in January 2014 when she opened up to TheBlaze about her last-minute decision to carry her pregnancy to term — a birth that resulted in twin girls named Olivia Grace and Kara Shea.

“The girls are about 2 and a half. They are very active,” the mother of two told TheBlaze in a follow-up email interview this week. “They love to play at the park and read books along with the occasional mischief.”

It was in her 2014 interview that Rizzi originally told TheBlaze about why she initially felt compelled to have an abortion; at the time that she visited the clinic, she had no idea that she was expecting twins.

“I felt I had to do it,” she said at the time. “It was a situation where I hadn’t talked to my family in a long time — same with my friends.”

Feeling isolated, Rizzi had convinced herself, despite her inner most inclinations, that abortion was her only option. When she arrived at Planned Parenthood, she noticed a woman named Sherry Pierce outside, among other pro-life protesters who assembled as part of the “Refuge in the Desert” ministry.

While Rizzi said she knew that their message about the sanctity of life was true, she entered the clinic anyway.

Once inside, she sat down in a crowded waiting room and waited. But as she waited, doubts reemerged in her mind. Each time someone opened the door to enter or exit, Rizzi could hear the protesters outside — a convicting sound that stirred something deep within her heart.

Olivia Grace and Kara Shea (Image source: Sherry Pierce)
Olivia Grace and Kara Shea (Image source: Sherry Pierce

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