Sunday, June 12, 2016

Next NaPro roadshow is July 7 at St. Agnes Church in Sellersville, PA

Come out and celebrate FertilityCare the way it was meant to be!

from Friends of Fertility Care Philadelphia 

The next "NaPro Roadshow" will be appearing at St. Agnes Catholic Church. 445 N. Main Street, Sellersville, PA 18960.  

Come hear how NaProTechnology is life affirming health care and assists women with various reproductive health problems. There will be a viewing of the film NaPro: A Quiet Revolution produced by the Black Friars Media, followed by our wonderful witness couples who tell their stories of health and healing. This will be followed by a presentation by Dr. Monique Ruberu, an ob/gyn, who will share with the audience what led her to practice pro-life medicine. 

The evening ends with a question and answer session and books and materials will be available to purchase. 

The Movie-NaPro: A Quiet Revolution explains that there is a viable alternative to birth control to treat women's health problems and a far superior treatment for infertility than in-vitro fertilization [IVF]. The film looks at a new women's health science of Natural Procreative Technology [NaPro Technology]. Come to see it!


Meet Dr. Monique Ruberu! 
 Philadelphia's  NaPro TechnologyObstetrician & Gynecologist 

Dr. Monique will share her conversion story and passion for life! Currently she the only Ob/Gyn trained in NaPro Technology in the Philadelphia area. A Q&A session will be open for everyone. This will provide an excellent opportunity to ask fertility care questions.

Events begin at 7:00 pm.  Please click on the image below to register for this event. For more information, contact Kerry Monastra at (610) 202-8947 or via e-mail at


Sponsored by Friends of FertilityCare - Philadelphia & St. Agnes Church, Sellersville, PA

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