Monday, June 6, 2016

Comedian Booed on Talk Show After Claiming Abortion is “Cool”

Natasha Leggero
By Calvin Freiburger
Live Action News

The Keepers of the Official Abortion Narrative hold that absolutely nobody likes abortion, that every single woman who gets one would of course rather avoid it if she could. But try as they might, they justcan’t seem to stop the occasional pro-abortion extremist from cheering abortion as a positive good that deserves to be used casually.

The latest to miss the memo is actress and comedian Natasha Leggero, who recently appeared on Conan O’Brien’s talk show to gush about how “cool” abortion is, to the point where even Conan was taken aback and occasionally tried to veer her back on script.

It came amid a discussion of her conversion away from “mean” Catholicism to Judaism, which she interprets to be much more welcoming of abortion…

“You’re part of this beautiful religion seeped in culture,” she gushed about her new religion, before adding, “Abortions are cool.”

As the audience laughed, Conan disagreed.

“I don’t think they go around saying ‘abortions are cool,’” he said. “Not like the Fonz” (a famously “cool” character from Happy Days).

His sidekick, Andy Richter, prompted even more laughter by commenting, “That’s on the PSA, ‘Judaism: Abortion is cool.’”

Trying to regain control of the abortion conversation, Conan again started to say no one called abortion “cool,” when Leggero interrupted, “No, they do!”

“I mean, you could get an abortion on every Jewish holiday and it would be okay,” she hyped.

But when Leggero likened abortion to a contract with a towing company, the audience changed its tune towards her.

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