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Monday, February 29, 2016

Black Pastors Protest Planned Parenthood: “It Undermines the Morals of Our Community”


By Conor Beck
Life News

A pro-life group in Kentucky is working with a group of African-American pastors to protest Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices this week.

The initiative follows Gov. Matt Bevin suing a new Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Louisville for allegedly performing 23 illegal abortions without a license from Dec. 3 to Jan. 28, LifeNews reported. The Courier-Journal reports the abortion clinic stopped doing abortions after Bevin’s office sent a “cease and desist” order at the end of January.

Angela Minter, the head of Sisters for Life, a mostly black pro-life group, told WLKY newsthat they will join the pastors to protest the abortion clinic.

“Abortion undermines our community, and it undermines the morals of our community,” Minter said. “But in addition to that, having abortions in our community also has had a disproportionate havoc on the black community.”

LifeNews has previously reported on this phenomenon, with evidence that 79 percent of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are located in minority neighborhoods.

Bradley Mattes of Life Issues Institute said, “This solid evidence is overwhelmingly convincing that Planned Parenthood’s business model is to generate income from an increased number of abortions in minority neighborhoods.”

Pray and Rally March 1-2 at the Steps of the Supreme Court

By Christina Marie Bennett

On Tuesday, March 1st I will join faithful and concerned individuals gathering together for a candlelight prayer vigil from 7:30-8:30pm at the steps of the United States Supreme Court. The vigil will be followed by all night prayer and worship from 8:30pm Tuesday night until Wednesday at 9:30am. This time of focused, strategic prayer is for the most important abortion case to be brought before the court in over 20 years.

On March 2, 2016 the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for, “Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt”. The case comes out of Texas where the current HB2 law requires Texas abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their abortion clinics and abortion clinics to meet the safety standards of ambulatory surgical centers.

Since the law was passed in 2013, almost half of the abortion clinics in Texas shut down for their failure to meet those health and safety standards. At one point Texas had 42 abortion centers, but they are now at 19. If the Supreme Court majority sides with Texas, another half of those 19 centers may close.

This Supreme Court decision will directly affect the safety of women and children in our nation. This is why I and others will be right outside of the court when the justices hear this case. Wednesday March 2nd at 9:30 am, Students for Life, along with pro-life activist Pat Mahoney and other leaders are holding a rally in front of the Supreme Court called, ‘Protect Them Both’.

Note to reader: Christina Bennett owes her life to divine intervention.  Her mother paid for an abortion, but walked out of the doctor's office.  A janitor in a hosptial told her mother that God would give her the strength to have her baby and she believed it. She is a member of the National Black Pro-life coalition and believes the greatest civil right is the right to life.

First Major Abortion Case in Nearly a Decade Will Go Before Supreme Court

by Elizabeth Slattery
The Daily Signal

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in the first major abortion case in nearly a decade.

In the case Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the Supreme Court will consider whether Texas’ H.B. 2 law—a commonsense reform intended to increase women’s health and safety—meets the test laid out in prior cases.

Texas passed H.B. 2 in 2013 to ensure that women are not subject to substandard conditions or practices at abortion clinics that could jeopardize their health and even lives. This came on the heels of Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial—which brought to light dangerous and unsanitary conditions at his clinic.

continue reading at http://dailysignal.com

Zika and Abortion Part II - HISTORY IS RHYMING

American abortion advocates are using the Zika virus as an excuse to spread abortion in Latin America. We’ve seen this movie before.

By: John Stonestreet

More than fifty years ago, doctors in the U.S. and Western Europe prescribed the drug thalidomide to their female patients for, among other things, nausea and morning sickness in pregnant women.

The drug had tragic outcomes whose effects are still being felt today.

In the late 1950s, reports of abnormalities in children whose mothers had used the drug during pregnancy began to come in. The best-known and most heartbreaking of these abnormalities was missing limbs.

Not surprisingly, within a few years the drug was taken off the market, but the tragic story of thalidomide doesn’t end there. As historian Daniel K. Williams tells us in his new book, “Defenders of the Unborn,” the thalidomide tragedy opened the door to legalized abortion in the United States.

Judges Routinely Treat Abortion like a "Drive-thru"‏

Martin Fox, President
National Pro-Life Alliance

We all know how pro-abortion judges "legislated" abortion-on-demand with Roe v. Wade.

But they haven't stopped there. When they handed down Roe v. Wade they included a hidden kill switch.

In order to keep their pro-abortion agenda, they insisted that legislatures couldn't limit abortion in any form without first giving the courts the right to carve out an exception in any given case.

They called it judicial bypass.

Take for example, an underage girl who gets pregnant and doesn't want her parents to find out.

Instead of dealing with the consequences, she goes before a judge and gets a judicial bypass so she can get an abortion without her parents' knowledge.

All so she won't have to deal with the embarrassment.

Just as the Supreme Court judges came down with the pro-abortion Roe v. Wade decision: you and I know that there are plenty of pro-abortion judges at both the state and federal level ready and eager to grant a rubber stamp to any girl seeking an abortion.

For example, under many state parental notification laws, judges have the power to grant judicial bypass if the judge determines that the minor is "mature enough" to have an abortion without consulting her parents.

Pro-abortion judges frequently take advantage of this type of vague criteria to readily bypass the parents for virtually any reason or no reason at all.

And don't think that abortion clinics don't know which judges will and won't do it.

In fact we know of abortionists who brag that no requests for judicial bypass in their area have been denied.

In Pennsylvania for instance, hundreds of petitions for bypasses are filed each year and only a handful are ever denied.

There is a solution.

That solution is the national Parental Notification and Intervention Act -- a federal law drafted by the National Pro-Life Alliance that would require "clear and convincing evidence of danger of physical abuse of the minor by the parent" before its provisions are waived by the judges.

Thus, not only would this law apply in all 50 states but it would remove the gray areas that allow pro-abortion judges to justify their rubber stamping of abortion.

With your continued support I am sure we will ultimately prevail and pass the Parental Notification and Intervention Act and the Life at Conception Act to end all abortion-on-demand.

Your National Pro-Life Alliance is entirely dependent on voluntary contributions to keep our vital programs running.  We receive no government funding.  If you can, please help with a donation by clicking here.

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

What Your Children Don't Know Can Hurt Them

By Laura Kizior
American Life League

We know that simply “being pro-life” is not enough to change the culture. Just studying the facts about how much abortion hurts women isn’t enough either. In order to build a culture of life in our society, students must be trained how to use their knowledge of pro-life topics to evangelize their peers.

We must take the responsibility of educating the next generation of pro-life leaders, for if we do not help them learn about the threats against human dignity, evils like abortion and euthanasia will only become more widespread. Understandably, parents want to protect their children from the lies and temptations of the culture of death, but letting your kids discover the culture of death on their own is not the solution. Book knowledge is not enough; a good pro-life education consists of learning the facts as well as putting ideas into practice through volunteering, standing up for others, prayer, and activism.

Clinic Witness Training from Sidewalk Counselor Karen Black

by Matt Yonke
Pro-Life Action League

Witnessing for life outside your local abortion clinic can be difficult work, but highly rewarding. But if you want to be an effective counselor to abortion-bound women, it’s important to know the psychology of the women coming in to the clinic and how to speak to them in a way that they can receive.

That’s just the kind of training you can get from the talk below entitled, “Equipping for Life” by sidewalk counselor Karen Black. Karen has years of experience on the sidewalk saving lives, and research to back up her tactics on the psychology of women seeking abortion.

The talk is about two hours in length, but well worth your time to hear if you are a sidewalk counselor or interested in becoming one. Simply click the play button below to listen. 

For further information and tools, check out the Pro-Life Action League’s page on sidewalk counseling.

Trump Debunked: Planned Parenthood is Not “Wonderful”

by Kristi Burton Brown
Live Action News

No matter how many times you repeat the phrase, Planned Parenthood is not “wonderful.” In fact, you are absolutely incorrect about Planned Parenthood. They are America’s largest abortion chain, responsible for the intentional killing of over 300,000 children every year. Handing out condoms, testing for STDs, and referring women to true health care clinics that actually perform mammograms does not make Planned Parenthood “wonderful” or necessary.

Let’s go over a few basic pointers on Planned Parenthood that may help you out.

Continue reading →

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Action Alert from Priests for Life

Thank the Senators who pledge to wait until 2017 
to consider a new Supreme Court nominee!

from Father Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Your efforts have paid off!

There is tremendous pressure on the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate as a whole to approve whoever President Obama nominates to take Justice Scalia’s place.

Thank God, the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are fighting back against this pressure.

But we must thank them and urge them to remain strong in their resolve.

The confirmation of a third Obama appointee to the Supreme Court, creating a pro-abortion majority, would be a disaster!

As you know, the Supreme Court will be considering vitally important cases this year and in the years to come. Priests for Life’s challenge to the HHS mandate, in fact, will be heard this term. Right now, the court is pretty evenly divided with regard to abortion-related and religious liberty cases.

One more Obama appointee and every pro-life law in every state could be struck down, every attack on religious freedom upheld!

The majority in the Senate Judiciary Committee has stated in writing, though, that they will not let this happen.

The Republicans on the committee have sent a letter to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declaring that they want to allow the American people to vote for the next President before holding hearings on a nominee to the Supreme Court.

In their letter, they state without ambiguity,
"We wish to inform you of our intention to exercise our constitutional authority to withhold consent on any nominee to the Supreme Court submitted by this President to fill Justice Scalia’s vacancy."

I have placed the full text of their encouraging letter on the link below.

I have no doubt that the phone calls that our Priests for Life Family has already made to their Senators has contributed to the resolve we now see.

But we have to keep encouraging them! Therefore, I'm asking you to make another phone call, this time to the office of the Judiciary Committee, and express gratitude to their members.

So please click here for further instructions on making the phone call we need you to make.

This is the type of action that Priests for Life can take nationwide as we mobilize our movement. To help make it possible for Priests for Life to conduct campaigns such as this one, please click here and be as generous as you can.

ACTION APPEAL from Hometown Pro-Life Action

from John Pisciotta
Director of Pro-Life Waco

ACTION APPEAL I write because I am upset. You could say angry about what happened Thursday the 25th at “Catholic” Seattle University. If you are upset at Planned Parenthood speaking at a campus event with a blasphemous flyer you see in this article, PLEASE join me in ACTION. The HTPLA group can have a big impact. There are more than 6000 of us. See below the contact information for Seattle University AND the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle (which has oversight over the university).

This is what written about the PP speaker on the flyer.
Dr. Pentlicky from Planned Parenthood of Seattle will be giving a presentation and discussing her experience of being raised Catholic and how she came to be a full-spectrum reproductive health care provider.
 This is my on-line message to the Archdiocese of Seattle
“I don't live in Washington. I live in Texas. However, last evening's immoral and disgraceful seminar at the University of Seattle is my business. The Catholic Church belongs to me and much as to you. A flyer for a contraction seminar with the crucifix of our Lord replaced by an IUD? I can't get the image out of my mind and I am very upset.”
Use the contact information to send multiple messages to Seattle. Communicate no matter what country you live in. Communicate if you are Catholic or not Catholic.

Recall the HTPLA turned on TV state poll for 28% all the way to 60% supporting the Archbishop of St. Louis for breaking with Girl Scouts. We can have a big impact. THIS GROUP is not mainly about sharing and thinking. THIS GROUP is about ACTION.
For Seattle University
President Rev. Stephen Sundborg
901 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122
Nursing School Dean
Dr. Kirsten Swanson
Dr. Anne Hirsch
For the Arch Diocese of Seattle
Most Reverend Archbishop J. Peter Sartain
Archdiocese of Seattle
710 9th Avenue, Seattle WA 98104
Online message page www(dot)seattlearchdiocese.org/archdiocese/Contact.aspx


Update: At about 6:40 p.m. Eastern the student group sponsoring the event posted on Facebook: "In order to comply with the institution’s request that we represent multiple viewpoints at this event we have decided to postpone. Sorry for the inconvenience we look forward to continuing this dialog beyond Facebook."

Update: On February 25 at 8 p.m., Seattle University President Father Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J., sent the following statement to the Newman Society:  Use this link for Fr. Sundborg's statement

40 Days for Life Midway Events in Chester County, Pennsylvania

From Paulette Matthews
Chester County Pro-Life

  • Midway Prayer Events
  • Knight of Columbus Honors Father Michael J. McGivney
  • Two Must Read Books

Midway Prayer Events

On March 5th from 9 AM to 10 AM, 40 Days will be joining with the Helpers of God Precious Infants to say the rosary in front of PP and then retire to St. Agnes' cafeteria for a continental breakfast and pro-life updates for our local areas. The Helpers are present at PP every 1st Saturday year round. Great way to meet more pro-life prayer warriors! All are invited to attend.

Later the same day at 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM an ecumenical prayer service will be lead by Thomas Ackerman. Tom embraces the Messianic Jewish faith. We are hoping to reach out to the PP workers as they leave for the day at 2 PM with information from Abby Johnson's "And Then There Were None" ministry.

Hopefully, this will give the worker a chance to reconsider their life choices and have the help they need to leave the abortion industry.

Knight of Columbus Honors Father Michael J. McGivney
March 15 8 AM to 8 PM

Pope Benedict XVI declared Fr. Michael J. McGivney venerable on March 15, 2008 approving a degree of "Heroic Virtue" for the parish priest who founded the Knights of Columbus.

Through the Knight of Columbus, Fr. McGivney gave laymen a new opportunity-the chance to grow in holiness while contributing to their parishes, communities and security of their families. All men are invited to stand in solidarity witnessing for the sanctity of human life and showing that men do take on the responsibly of fatherhood as men are the authors of life so designed by God.

Open Days Left in Front of PP

March 1st - 2nd - 4th - 11th are the days left that no church or organization has adopted to try and fill the hours from 8 AM to 8 PM in front of Planned Parenthood.

March 1st will have people there from 8 AM to 12 Noon. The rest of the the hours are pretty much in need of peaceful prayer participants. If you can, try and fill some of the hours.

Check the vigil schedule and see if you can pair up with someone or someone might want to pair up with you. To post your vigil hours go to 40daysforlife.com/chestercounty.
Yes, I am encouraging everyone to use the vigil calendar, if possible, as it will encourage others to come down and pray if they know that you may be there. 

The children are in need of your prayers so, please, come and pray which ever way works best for you.

Sign up for an hour on the 40daysforlife.com/chestercounty vigil calendar. 


Through the outreaching of Pastor Joseph Stigora, Providence Church, 430 Hannum Avenue is allowing those that participate in 40 Days For Life Campaign by praying in front of Planned Parenthood to park free of charge on their parking lot.

  Two "Must Read" Books


"We Choose Life" is a collection of compelling stories from men and women who are dedicated to rescuing babies, mothers and fathers from abortion.

Included in the book, is our own Jewels Green who shared her life journey with us in West Chester recounts her story from the tragedy of abortion to living in the fullness of God's love.

(Click on image  for more information and/or to purchase on Amazon) 

This book narrates the harrowing and life-changing experiences of former abortion clinic workers, including those of the author, who once directed abortion services at a large Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. These individuals, whose names have been changed to protect their identities, left their jobs in the abortion industry after experiencing a change of heart. They have come forward with their stories, not for fame or notoriety, but to shed light on the reality of abortion. They want their stories to change the lives of others for the better.

(Click on image for more information and/or to purchase on Amazon)

Voices for the Unborn is dedicated to informing and educating the public on pro-life and pro-family issues. To read our Mission Statement, use this link. You can also follow us on Facebook, Google, and Pinterest. Help spread the word by sharing our articles on your favorite social networks.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Former abortionist: ‘I Regret Performing Abortions’


"When you lose your child, life is very different. Everything changes. All of a sudden, the idea of a person’s life becomes very real..... It’s the real thing. It’s your child you buried."

By Anthony Levatino

I started doing abortions in 1977 in New York State during my OB residency. I graduated in 1980 and went into private practice, first in Florida and later in New York. In five years, I performed 1,200 abortions, including 100 second-trimester saline abortions and later, D&E abortions up to 24 weeks.

Let me tell you about saline abortions. They are horrible because you see one intact, whole baby being born, and sometimes they were alive. That was very, very frightening.

With D&E abortions, we traded one kind of brutality for another. You tear the arms and legs off babies and put them in a stack on the table. Babies are never born alive after a D&E abortion. It’s hard. If you have any heart at all, it affects you.

During this time, my wife and I found out we probably would not be able to conceive a child on our own, so we began looking for a baby to adopt. We ran up against one road block after another trying to find a baby to adopt, and I was throwing them in the garbage at the rate of nine or ten a week.

Finally we were able to adopt a baby girl. We named her Heather. A few years later, my wife gave birth to our son.

My daughter Heather was hit by a car in front of our home when she was two months shy of her sixth birthday. She died in our arms in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. I did a few more late-term abortions after that, but it was too difficult to continue.

Story continues: http://liveactionnews.org/

Live Action Editor’s note: Dr. Anthony Levatino is featured on Live Action’s new video project, which details four of the most prevalent abortion procedures. This article originally appeared at Priests for Life.

Daleiden: Planned Parenthood’s Fetal Tissues Sales Aren't Legally Defensible


By Carole Novielli
Live Action News

David Daleiden, the man behind undercover videos which have resulted in Planned Parenthood being defunded in several states, said in a recent interview of Planned Parenthood’s business model for fetal tissue sale: “There’s no way that model is legally defensible.”

The Center for Medical Progress’s series of undercover footage documented Planned Parenthood officials negotiating prices for the body parts of babies they aborted. Daleiden, who described his expertise as “hands-on immersion” in “regenerative medicine and stem cell science,” told the Washington Examiner:

[I]n terms of the for-profit sale of fetal tissue, it’s very clearly the business model Planned Parenthood was using at most of their affiliates.

In that model, where you have an outside procurement company sending harvesting technicians into the clinics to do all the work of fetal tissue collection, for Planned Parenthood it’s free. There’s no cost to Planned Parenthood to do that, and yet they’re still getting paid per fetal organ by these companies. There’s no way that model is legally defensible.

“These companies” Daleiden is referring to include StemExpress, Planned Parenthood’s procurement company which cut ties with the abortion giant soon after the release of CMP’s videos. As Live Action News previously reported, former StemExpress procurement technician Holly O’Donnell shared grisly details about being instructed at a California Planned Parenthood to cut into the face of an aborted baby boy – who still had a heartbeat – to harvest an intact brain.

You're Invited to be Part of Two Historic Pro-life Events

Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List

Next week is going to be big. Really big

Two historic events are taking place on Wednesday and there are ways for you to be directly involved.

First – the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in one of the most important cases on abortion in decades – Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt.

At issue is whether abortion facilities should have to adhere to the same health and safety standards as other outpatient facilities and whether or not abortionists must have admitting privileges to area hospitals.

This is the same law which Wendy Davis infamously filibustered in Texas three years ago. It’s the same law that pro-lifers rallied for in Austin and encountered pro-abortion advocates screaming “Hail Satan!”

This law has the potential to not only protect unborn children and women but also close unsafe abortion clinics, like that of Kermit Gosnell.

That’s why it is so important you make your voice heard. Here’s how you can help!
  • Bring your energy and your friends! Our pro-life coalition will have signs to share!
  • If you can't make it to the event please use #protectthemboth on your social media accounts to show your support.
  • Pray for wisdom on the Court. Especially in light of Justice Scalia's absence, your prayers are needed even more!
Second – Also on Wednesday, the newly formed House Select Panel on Infant Lives, chaired by pro-life leader Rep. Marsha Blackburn, will hold its first hearing.

Chairman Blackburn and the panel of pro-life all-stars will begin to uncover the truth about how unborn and newborn infants are treated in our nation.

This is all a part of a larger investigation into the truth about the harvesting and sale of baby body parts. Chairman Blackburn has already used her subpoena power to request information from groups that sell infant organs and tissue for research.

This Select Panel is a game-changer in the fight to protect unborn babies. Here's how you can help!
  • Follow @MarshaBlackburn, @SBAList, and @marjorieSBA on Twitter for the latest updates on the events of the day. We will be tweeting updates from both events.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment for our pro-life leaders in Congress, that they can get to the bottom of the abortion industry's horror.
  • Give to SBA List as we continue to fight and protect the unborn and their mothers from abortion.
I’ll keep you updated as both of these events unfold next week.

Pennsylvania Action Alert - Contact Your State Representatives Today!

Pro-abortion forces, including former pro-abortion Governors, are lobbying legislators to take away our right to vote for Pennsylvania appellate judges.

Please call your state representative in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and urge him or her to vote NO on so-called merit selection of judges, House Bill 1336. Tell him or her you don’t want lawmakers to take away your right to vote for judges.

If you don’t know who your state representative is, or you need contact information, please use this link. If you type in your address, a window will pop up with the name of your state representative.

Summer Internships with the Pro-Life Action League

Eric Scheidler, Executive Director
Pro-Life Action League

Intern with America’s premier pro-life activist organization in the nation’s most exciting city from June 6 to July 29, 2016! 

Opportunities include sidewalk counseling at several Chicago area abortion facilities, participating in various pro-life demonstrations such as the League's 8-day summer Face the Truth Tour (featuring the public display of abortion victim photos), updating the League's nationwide database of sidewalk counselors, cataloging the League’s video archive, analyzing abortion data, and transcribing conference presentations. 

Little Sisters of the Poor are the Public Face of Fight Against HHS Mandate

by Kurt Jensen
Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Visuals often are much easier to grasp than a complicated thicket of issues. That may be why the Little Sisters of the Poor have become the public face of Zubik v. Burwell, which goes before the U.S. Supreme Court March 23.

Zubik is not just about the religious order’s legal challenge of the Obama administration’s contraceptive mandate for employers. It is a consolidated case also involving East Texas Baptist University, Southern Nazarene University and Geneva College, which is a Presbyterian institution, as well as Catholic entities, including the Archdiocese of Washington, the dioceses of Pittsburgh and Erie, Pennsylvania, and Priests for Life.

Both sides on the mandate issue have been working to attract public support. The Little Sisters, like Priests for Life, have launched a website explaining their side of the issue, and of any of the cases the Little Sisters suit has received the most attention, media and otherwise.

Voices for the Unborn is dedicated to informing and educating the public on pro-life and pro-family issues. To read our Mission Statement, use this link. You can also follow us on Facebook, Google, and Pinterest. Help spread the word by sharing our articles on your favorite social networks.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Straight out of “1984”: Google Chrome Extension Changes “Pro-life” to “Anti-choice”


By Luis Zaffirini

On February 17, the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund (its name tells you all you need to know about its position on abortion) released an extension for the Google Chrome web browser. The extension is called “Choice Language.”

Extensions are small add-on programs that modify the way the Google Chrome browser functions. They typically help you perform an often repeated function more quickly or easily.

What does “Choice Language” do? One thing: its function is to take every instance of the term “Pro-Life” in web pages that the user is viewing and change it to “anti-choice.”

For now the extension is only available using the Google Chrome web browser.

It’s bad enough that “pro-life” is replaced with “anti-choice” in major news headlines, but even direct quotes are no longer safe! So if someone accurately describes me as “pro-life Luis Zaffirni,” it would become “anti-choice Luis Zaffirini.”

So if your feelings about two-word hyphenates are stronger than your capacity to comprehend what you’re reading, this is the app for you.

The longer description from the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund is filled with anti-life animus:

Abortion Emergencies: Bedlam in Bakersfield PLUS Two More

from the Staff of Operation Rescue: 
There has been a recent spate of medical emergencies at abortion facilities around the nation. Below are links to three reports -- some with must-see videos -- that are just the tip of the iceberg! Watch for more from Operation Rescue as we complete our investigations to many more.

Please pray for the women who are being rushed to emergency rooms from abortion facilities, perhaps even as you read this!
No matter what the Abortion Cartel says, abortion is not safe for women and these incidents are cases in point.
Please subscribe to our YouTube.com channel to be among the first to be notified when we post new videos. And please remember to like and share them!

Bedlam Breaks Out in Bakersfield Abortion Clinic as Ambulance Arrives for Patient

Bakersfield, CA - Bedlam broke out at the FPA Women's Health abortion facility in Bakersfield as an ambulance arrived to transport a patient suffering a medical emergency. During the incident two abortion supporters assaulted pro-life activists trying to document the incident, which took place on February 23, 2016.

Continue reading to find out what happened and view the amazing video!

911 Emergency: Annapolis Planned Parenthood Patient Transported to Hospital

Annapolis, Maryland - Operation Rescue has received a heavily redacted emergency communications document through a public record request that confirms a patient of the Annapolis Health Center Planned Parenthood abortion facility was transported to a hospital for emergency treatment on Tuesday, January 5, 2016.

Continue reading to learn more!

Updated with New Video of Ambulance! Massachusetts Abortionist Experiments on Fresh Brains of Down Syndrome Babies

Boston, MA - An ambulance transported a patient from the Women's Health Services abortion clinic in Brookline, Massachusetts, to a local hospital for emergency treatment on August 21, 2015.

While this is one many such incidents at abortion clinics documented by Operation Rescue, it is a particularly disturbing one because of the clinic's connections with aborted human fetal tissue experimentation done on the brains of Down syndrome and healthy babies obtained without consent of the mothers.

Read on and watch the new video of the medical emergency with actual 911 recording!

Pro-Life Updates and Meeting Notice from Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition

From Ellen Gifford, President
Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition

Meeting Highlights:

  • We have the marvelous Barbara Rose telling us about NAPRO Technology
  • W'e have another amazing speaker from Generation Life, Katelyn D'Adamo. She will update us on the latest activities of this wonderful organization that ministers to our young people. 
  • When will there be a budget passed in Pennsylvania ? How can we assure that Planned Parenthood will be defunded? 
  • Reports on the pro-life activities of the months.
  • A large part of our mission is to support crisis pregnancy facilities. To this end, we contribute more than $2,400 every month to various homes in Bucks and Montgomery counties, that equates to almost $50,000 a year. Lately out contributions have been down. To improve our financial picture, we are planning the return of our Celebrate Life 5K Run in June. To make this a successful endeavor, we need volunteers to help with the planning. Come and learn how you can help.
We invite you to come to our meeting, hear our speakers, learn about the life issues, give your opinion, and get involved in a movement that wants to preserve the lives of the most vulnerable among us. Bring a friend!

The primary mission of the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition is to provide financial support to area Crisis Pregnancy Homes that protect women from being forced or coerced into having abortions. These homes provide shelter and medical assistance to the expectant mother and her baby after it is born.  For more information on this organization,  follow this link.  

If you would like to make a contribution to help them with their work, please send a check made payable to Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition to  P.O.Box 7068, Penndel, PA 19047.

40 Days for Life Midway Pro-Life Stations of the Cross in Norristown, Pennsylvania

From Rita Smith, M.E.V. (Missionaries of the Gospel of Life)
Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life/Norristown

Lent is a time of Mercy and Grace. The "Year of Mercy" began on the Immaculate Conception feast day, Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015 by Pope Francis and will end on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016 which is "Christ the King" feast day.

During these holy Lenten weeks, we will enter into the Passion of Jesus Christ at the Modern Day Calvary!   Please join us in attending the upcoming midway prayer vigil of the 40 Days for Life in Norristown, Pennsylvania on Saturday, March 12th. 
"These little ones dying today are intricately connected with the sufferings and death of Our Savior. There is a bond here that must not be overlooked. All the political action, educating, donation of funds, demonstrations, alternative work, important and necessary as these are, do not make up for an absence at the death scene. Thus, let me beg you to view your presence at the killing center in our area as the place where God wants you to be. Let us go out to the Calvary not far from you, where Christ is being crucified today in your midst"...Joan Andrews 
God bless you, as we continue, our 40 Days for Life/Norristown Lenten Journey to SAVE LIVES!!!

Parking available on the side streets. Dress warm. All Are Welcome! 

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Simon’s Law: Parental Rights versus Medical Discrimination


By Kathy Ostrowski
Kansans for Life

Can a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order be placed in your child’s medical file without your knowledge? YES!

Can your child be denied life-sustaining care based on a quality of life assessment by a hospital ethics board? YES!

Are both situations outrageous and scary? YES!

The remedy? Simon’s Law, a pro-life bill filed and being promoted in two states: Kansas and Missouri.

Simon was a 3-month-old precious boy who was starved, given antagonistic medication and not resuscitated due to the secret placement of a DNR order on his medical chart.

And why? Because Simon was labeled as suffering under a “syndrome” of an extra gene, Trisomy 18… and thus discriminated against as not worth life-sustaining care.

Simon’s family watched as he expired before their eyes and only later discovered in horror that a DNR had been placed on his chart which they in no way wanted or had even discussed.

Simon’s Law would do two simple things:

1. prevent any medical facility or practitioner from secretly placing a DNR order for children under 18 years of age without written consent of at least one parent or guardian.

2. require that a facility disclose, upon request, any existing written policy on denial of life-sustaining treatment.

Mom of Two has Abortion “for the kids” But Hides it From Them


By Cassy Fiano

Abortion is practically a religion over at Jezebel, so it’s not altogether surprising that a radically pro-abortion column would be published there. It happens all the time, actually. The latest is from Kathryn Jezer-Morton, a mom of two whose IUD failed. Morton says she planned her abortion around a vacation and hid the news from her kids… you know, the ones she allowed to live.

After she found out she was pregnant, she scheduled her abortion — and then made sure to do everything she could to keep her children from finding out.

"But there was a little wrinkle: We were about to embark on a long-planned family trip to the southwest, to take a road trip in my in-laws’ old VW camper van. My husband had taken on extra work for months to pay for this trip and the kids couldn’t wait to go. The abortion would have to wait a month, until I got home. I was worried that I’d be an asshole to my family on this trip, that the symptoms of early pregnancy—which, for me, have always been the worst—would make me listless. I couldn’t let my five-year-old overhear anything about a pregnancy. Once I made the abortion appointment, we stopped talking about it."

Note to Readers: Jezebel is a blog geared towards women, under the tagline "Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing." It is one of several blogs owned by Gawker Media. (Wikipedia)

News Report Verifies Operation Rescue's Data that Abortion Clinics are Closing at a "Record Pace"

By Cheryl Sullenger
Operation Rescue

Washington, DC - Today, Bloomberg Business published an article titled, "Abortion Clinics are Closing at a Record Pace." The article begins by noting that "Abortion access in the U.S. has been vanishing at the fastest annual pace on record."

Operation Rescue's own research verifies this claim with numbers that vary slightly from those published in today's Bloomberg article. That trend is continuing strongly into 2016.

"Our annual surveys of abortion clinics produce the most accurate data out there in regard to abortion clinic closures and current numbers," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "This is verifiable evidence that we are solidly on the path to an abortion-free America."

Already in 2016, there have been nine abortion facilities that have closed or announced imminent closures. Even given that two of the closures are expected to be temporary, abortion clinic closures continue on an average pace of one closure per week.

In a report released on December 22, 2015, Operation Rescue documented that 54 abortion facilities closed or halted all abortion services during that calendar year.
Since 1991, surgical abortion clinic numbers have fallen by 81%.

continue reading this article at http://www.operationrescue.org

Make your Voice Heard....

Physician Assisted Suicide is being considered NOW in Annapolis, Maryland 

From Maryland March for Life

Legislation was introduced this year in the Maryland General Assembly (HB 404/SB 418) that would legalize physician assisted suicide - allowing doctors to legally prescribe a lethal medication at the request of a patient who has received a six-month terminal diagnosis. The legislation is very similar to a bill that was filed in 2015 and did not advance out of committee, but proponents continue their aggressive campaign to pass this misguided bill.

The House of Delegates committee hearing was last Friday and the Senate hearing is this Thursday.

PLEASE take a moment to learn the facts and be a voice for the vulnerable, responding to an action alert from the Maryland Against Physician Assisted Suicide Coalition, the Maryland Catholic Conference, or Maryland Right to Life.

Maryland March for Life have been marching since 1979 in Annapolis. Organizations and groups from throughout the state gather in support of the common cause of LIFE!  For more information, use this link.  

Abortion's Cruel and Inhumane Face

By Judie Brown, President
American Life Legue

The slaughter of innocent human beings has become almost commonplace today. It's up to each one of us to keep these children from being forgotten.

A Comedy Central comedian, and I use the word lightly, has recently taken it upon himself to ridicule Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden and his investigation of the scandal involving Planned Parenthood, its allies, and the sale of baby body parts.

Larry Wilmore, acting as the chief judge and jury of righteous indignation, says that the charges brought against Daleiden are a "carriage of justice," crowing that "Planned Parenthood has been cleared" of all charges. We won't quote his deleted expletives here, though it is obvious that his brand of propaganda is quite vulgar.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

University President Cancels Pro-Life Advocate’s Speech: “It’s Best for Our Campus”


By Christine Rousselle
Town Hall

Early Tuesday morning, conservative writer Ben Shapiro revealed on Twitter that his planned speech on February 25 at California State University-Los Angeles had beencanceled by the university’s president.

Your “safe spaces” should be renamed “fascist areas,” you jackbooted intellectual weaklings. https://t.co/vq4Su5GSrU

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) February 23, 2016

Shapiro was due to speak on the topic of “When Diversity Becomes a Problem,” which CSULA President William Covino decided should be canceled in favor of an event that was more inclusive to all viewpoints. His appearance at CSULA is part of the Young America’s Foundation’s Fred R. Allen lecture series.

In an email to the Young America’s Foundation chapter at CSULA, university president William Covino wrote, “After careful consideration, I have decided that it will be best for our campus community if we reschedule Ben Shapiro’s appearance for a later date, so that we can arrange for him to appear as part of a group of speakers with differing viewpoints on diversity. Such an event will better represent our university’s dedication to the free exchange of ideas and the value of considering multiple viewpoints.”

A press release from YAF pointed out the hypocrisy of CSULA’s cancelation of Shapiro, given their past tolerance for hosting liberal speakers without requiring that a full spectrum of ideas be represented:


Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards

Cecile Richards warns of 'devastating consequences'

By Douglas Ernst

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards now finds herself arguing without a hint of irony that “devastating consequences” will be inflicted upon newborns without government funds going into its coffers.

The nation’s largest abortion provider said Monday that a pro-life bill signed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich will have dire effects on mothers and their children. The new law will prohibit over $1 million of state funds from going to any group that performs or advocates for abortion.

“This legislation will have devastating consequences for women across Ohio,” Richards said in a statement, CNN reported Monday. “John Kasich is proudly eliminating care for expectant mothers and newborns. He is leaving thousands without vital STD and HIV testing, slashing a program to fight domestic violence, and cutting access to essential, basic health care.”

The Republican presidential hopeful’s spokesperson, Joe Andrews, said Richards’ claims are a non-issue because funding will be provided to existing organizations that can fulfill those needs.

“The Ohio Department of Health has at least 150 other sub-grantees and contractors for the affected grants and projects addressing such issues as newborn babies, infant mortality, expectant mothers, violence against women, and minority HIV/AIDS,” Andrews said, the network reported. “ODH will reallocate funding from ineligible providers under the new law to other currently eligible providers, ranging from local health departments and community organizations to hospitals and universities. These organizations will be required to submit proposals in order to receive funding.”

What Planned Parenthood Doesn't Want You to Know‏

Martin Fox, President
National Pro-Life Alliance

Planned Parenthood has recently garnered national attention for harvesting and trafficking in unborn babies’ organs.

Yet pro-abortion politicians are swarming to their defense.

In fact, front-running presidential candidate Hillary Clinton released an ad declaring her fullthroated support for the abortion giant. 

And specifically, Hillary has heaped praise upon Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger.

“I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision.”

And as far as “vision” goes, Planned Parenthood more than lives up to its founder’s barbaric expectations.

Sanger made her vision for Planned Parenthood perfectly clear when she wrote that she did “not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

You read that right.

Sanger went on to call for the “cultivation of the better racial elements in our society, and the gradual suppression, elimination and eventual extirpation of defective stocks -- those human weeds...”

In fact, Sanger even spoke at a Ku Klux Klan meeting in New Jersey to overwhelming applause, and received dozens of more invitations from similar groups.

The fruits of Sanger’s “vision” for Planned Parenthood can still be seen today, as 78% of Planned Parenthood clinics can be found in minority communities.

And in New York City alone, more black babies are aborted than born every year.

The fact is, there is nothing "courageous" about ending innocent human lives.

And as the truth about Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby continues to be exposed, you and I must keep up the fight to end this slaughter once and for all.

The National Pro-Life Alliance is entirely dependent on voluntary contributions to keep our vital programs running.  We receive no government funding. 

To help the National Pro-Life Alliance in this crucial fight, please consider chipping in with a donation by clicking here.