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Monday, May 15, 2017

I Was Scheduled to be Aborted, but my Mother had the Strength to Walk out of the Facility that day

By Steven Ertelt
Live Action News

In the early 1980s, I was scheduled to be aborted. In a hospital in the city of Hartford, Connecticut, I had an appointment to die. A janitor approached my mother and spoke to her, giving her the strength to walk out.

As I celebrated Women’s History Month, I’ve reflected with gratitude on the rights afforded me. All the rights I possess as a black woman are available to me because my life was spared. If I’d been dismembered through a suction machine or the cruel cutting of a cold instrument, my dreams and potential would have died with me.

Recently, my story of escaping abortion was told in a short film called “Hear from Heaven.” The film shows a journey I took to Selma, Alabama, to protest an illegal abortion clinic that was profiting off low-income women of color.  I and other black pro-life female leaders exposed the unjust practice that was taking advantage of vulnerable women.

Society tells us that abortion empowers women. Media personalities, Hollywood celebrities, and pro-choice activists call an act that destroys a living human being a “woman’s right.” We’re told abortion is a personal choice, a private matter, a decision that can bring the promise of a better life. 

The language of abortion being ‘safe, legal and rare’ has been replaced with the language of ‘abortion positivity’ and ‘reproductive justice.’ While some may assert that no one is ‘pro-abortion,’ abortion is labeled as a ‘social good,’ – and even the sale of various types of pro-abortion paraphernalia is becoming more common.

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