Thursday, May 25, 2017

Remembering Our Aborted Children – Burial Sites and Memorials

A recent article in my community newspaper noted that a stone monument in memory of the unborn was being dedicated on the eve of Ascension Thursday at one of our local parishes and would be part of a Prayer Garden.  What a wonderful idea I thought.  I then began to wonder where there might be other memorials to the most vulnerable among us who lost their lives before they had begun.

A quick internet search resulted in the website that provides a list of known burial grounds for aborted children as well as memorial sites.  The locations are listed by state.  I am a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the abortionist Kermit Gosnell was found guilty on three counts of murder in 2013.  During the investigation remains of 47 babies were found on the premises of his abortion clinic and today those children are buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery here in Philadelphia.  What I didn’t realize and was surprised to learn is that there is also a Memorial to the Unborn at Our Lady of Grace Cemetery, located in the Langhorne suburb of Philadelphia – which happens to be where my husband and other family members are buried.  I had no idea there was such a memorial there but I plan to make a visit in the near future.

In reviewing the list of grave sites throughout the U.S., in some instances there is additional information provided as to the children that are buried there and the circumstances under which their bodies were found. These stories are heartbreaking but thankfully, once these babies were discovered there were people willing to step up to ensure a proper service was performed.

Since we are approaching summertime and many of us are making travel plans, you may want to make a prayerful visit to one of these sites if you happen to be traveling in these areas.  If you know of any grave sites or memorials that are not listed or wish to share your experience when you do visit these sites, this info can be provided on the website.

The 5th Annual National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children is scheduled for September 9, 2017 at which time solemn vigils will be held at these grave sites throughout the U.S.

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