Monday, May 15, 2017

U.S. Senate Candidate: When My First Child was Aborted, it Left ‘A Very Significant Scar on My Soul’

By Cassy Fiano
Life Site News

Ed Henry is a member of the Alabama House of Representatives, and he’s currently running for a seat in the United States Senate. A Republican, Henry is hoping to fill the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, who President Trump chose to serve as U.S. Attorney General. A longtime pro-life advocate, Henry spoke out about his disappointment in congressional Republicans for proposing a federal budget that includes funding for Planned Parenthood.

Henry has a personal reason for wanting to see Planned Parenthood defunded: years ago, his child was aborted.

“In ’91 I was in a similar situation where I had a girlfriend who was with child and I made a decision that I will regret — that we went and I murdered my child, my first child,” he said at a rally in 2012. It wasn’t until eight years later, when his wife was pregnant with their first child together, that Henry realized the full extent of what he had done.

“I saw that ultrasound of my baby, my child, and it came down on me like a ton of bricks that I had murdered my first child. And I will carry that with me to my grave,” he said. “It should not be this easy for our children to kill their children.”'

“All of your experiences are cumulative of who you are but that is a very significant scar that I have on my soul.”

Henry is far from the only father to speak publicly about his post-abortion regret. Men frequently speak of how the pain of lost fatherhood has continued to haunt them and how the guilt for their actions still affects them. Sadly, their opinions are often unwelcome.

The abortion lobby typically tells men to be silent on the issue of abortion, unless they’re speaking up in support of abortion. And, as Sarah Terzo pointed out for Live Action News, the many firsthand accounts of men who experience grief after abortion are frequently silenced, and there is little desire to research what the effects of abortion are on men. 

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