Sunday, May 28, 2017

Painful Early Abortions

Martin Fox, President
National Pro-Life Alliance

The more technology advances, the clearer the horror of abortion becomes.

For example, researchers have long agreed that unborn babies can feel pain after twenty weeks.

But a recent study suggests that unborn babies may be able to feel pain much earlier.

Using the latest technology to build a 3D cellular model of the unborn baby, researchers discovered an “adult-like pattern of skin innervation” as early as just five weeks.

That means that at just five weeks, before many women even know they are pregnant, these unborn babies can already feel pain.

In fact, researchers say that the pain may be worse during the early stages of pregnancy.

Yet abortionists somehow have no problem ripping these babies apart or sucking them out of their mothers’ wombs with a vacuum powerful enough to crush a tin can -- thus ending innocent lives.

Of course we all know that from the moment of conception the unborn have their own unique DNA separate from the mother’s.

And in just the first few weeks, unborn babies already have fingers and toes, measurable brainwaves, and a beating heart.

The National Pro-Life Alliance occupies a unique and important role in the pro-life movement. The focus of many other pro-life organizations is research, publications or counseling. These are all important and worthy activities, but the National Pro-Life Alliance is singular in its focus on passing pro-life legislation that will protect the unborn from the moment of conception onward. 
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  1. Thank you for being a strong voice against abortions! We need to speak up for these little children who don't have their own voice.