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Friday, May 26, 2017

Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and Baptist Pastors Lead Rally for Abortion

By Micaiah Bilger
Life News

Most leaders in Judeo-Christian faiths believe scripture teaches that all human lives are valuable and deserving of protection. But there are some who stray from the teaching and promote abortion.

A group of New York state clergy members recently advocated for abortion at the state capital, Christian News Network reports.

Together, abortion activists who identify as Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopalian, Baptist, Unitarian and Jewish urged New York state lawmakers to support abortion and Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion chain in the United States, according to the report.

“As pastors, we believe in New Yorkers’ ability to get the health care that is supported by their religious teachings and personal beliefs,” director Dennis Ross, a Reformed Jewish rabbi, told the Legislative Gazette. “People of all faiths believe in safe and legal abortion, access to contraception and sex education, and we know Planned Parenthood is an essential healthcare provider.”
Sara Hutchinson Ratcliff of the group Catholics for Choice, which is not affiliated with the Catholic Church, also participated in the event in Albany.
“Regardless of what the Catholic bishops may tell policymakers, the great majority of the faithful in the Catholic church disagree with our hierarchy about issues of abortion, contraception, and where and how the proper role of religious voices in public policy should be,” Ratcliff said.
It’s disturbing to see these clergy members putting their time and effort into supporting the multi-million dollar abortion industry and the destruction of unborn babies’ lives when they could be helping women and babies who so desperately need their support.

Judeo-Christian faiths teach their followers to protect and defend the most vulnerable people, even when it is not easy. Babies in the womb are some of the most discriminated against and violated human beings in our culture today. Every year in the United States, nearly 1 million unborn babies are aborted, and their mothers and fathers often are left wounded and grieving.


  1. Is it any wonder why Planned Parenthood and abortion have such a strong-hold on our society? These clergy will have a lot to answer for when they come face-to-face with God. Each of these clergy members should be excommunicated from their Churches since they are leading their congregations down the path of destruction.

    Also, regardless of what Catholics for Choice spokesperson, Sara Hutchinson Ratcliff says, this organization is not a Catholic or Christian group, and they should stop referring to themselves as such. They don't represent the Church, Catholics or any Christians; only their own self-serving purpose.

  2. No Body goes to Heaven or to Hell on their Own.