Sunday, January 3, 2016

Doctors Were Ready to Take His Son Off Life Support and Harvest His Organs Until He Pulled a Gun


Texas Right To Life

Nearly a year ago, George Pickering III was lying in a hospital bed on life support. He had suffered a massive stroke after a history of seizures, and had been declared brain-dead.

Doctors determined that care was futile and ordered a “terminal wean,” which means they planned to gradually remove George’s life support. The hospital even notified organ donation organizers that George’s body would soon be available for harvesting.

Brain death, futile care, and denial of treatment- a list of jargon that is disastrous for countless Texans every year who become victims of Texas’ draconian Advance Directives Act.

George Pickering II was not ready to let Tomball Regional Medical Center decide that his son’s life was no longer worth living. He took drastic action. Pickering wielded a handgun and stood beside his son’s hospital bed, vowing to protect George from the “terminal wean.”

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