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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

If You’re Over 70 and Done With Life, Euthanasia Campaigners Want You to Kill Yourself

by Ken Orr

The Dutch Right to Die Society (NVVE), is now lobbying to have the law changed to allow persons reaching the age of 70 years of age who believe that their life is complete and who are tired of living to be given a lethal pill with which to kill themselves. The Society claims that this is already happening and the law needs to be changed to prevent abuse.

Right to Life challenges the Voluntary Euthanasia Society New Zealand to admit that they support giving a suicide pill to all 70 year olds in New Zealand who are tired of living.

It is always morally wrong to take life. This proposal is an attack on the sanctity of life and the intrinsic dignity of every human being. It is a denial of our stewardship of the precious life that our Creator has entrusted to us.

The advocates for a culture of death claim that suicide is a human right. This campaign exposes the sham that euthanasia is all about compassion and preventing people dying with intolerable suffering. It isn’t really about that all. What it is about is a misguided at best group of persons who seek an ever expanding set of criteria under which suicide is promoted as the answer to adversity and life’s problems. Ultimately though, it will be all about removing lives considered not worthy of living.

Holland is in the powerful grip of a culture of death. It is expected that this campaign which commenced in the nineties will ultimately succeed, as the Royal Dutch Medical Society strongly supports doctor assisted suicide and is currently in consultation with the Dutch Right to Die Society on the implementation of this lethal proposal.

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