Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Pro-Life Umbrella Group Forms in Scotland to Fend Off Liberalization of Abortion Law

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia
Archbishop Phillip Tartaglia
By Dave Andrusko

Back in November, NRL News Today wrote about the aftermath of the British House of Commons’ 350 to 183 vote to grant the Scottish Parliament control over abortion laws (it’s called “devolving abortion policy”).

Although the Scottish government has consistently said it planned no change in the abortion law, both sides–but especially pro-lifers–believe a change is in the offing.

That’s why the formation of a new umbrella pro-life group “Don’t Stop A Beating Heart” is so significant.

The group’s coordinator is the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Scotland and, according to STV News (Scotland), it “is supported by the Catholic Church in Scotland, the Muslim Council of Scotland and the Free Church of Scotland, among others.” The group “says it has brought Scotland’s pro-life groups under the same banner for the first time and is ‘a significant show of strength.’”

“The rights of the unborn child are facing new threats with the impending devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament from Westminster,” said John Deighan, chief executive of SPUC Scotland and campaign co-ordinator. “Already, well in advance of the transfer of legislative authority, we are hearing a clamour for further extension of the existing, excessively liberal law,” which, he said, “could see abortion legalised from the existing 24-week limit, in most cases, up until the point of birth.”

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