Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Aborted Quadruplets were Born with Arms ‘Wrapped Around Each Other’

Ben Johnson
Live Action News

(LifeSiteNews) An abortion industry worker left her job at a Planned Parenthood facility – and eventually brought four of her colleagues out of the abortion industry with her – shortly after she witnessed a woman abort her quadruplets. Most of them were delivered stillborn as she sat on the toilet or stumbled through the hallway, writhing in pain.

Two of the “perfectly formed” boys had their arms “wrapped around each other,” according to an e-mail she sent pro-life advocate Abby Johnson.

Johnson, who heads And Then There Were None (ATTWN), an outreach to abortion industry employees, says the woman left Planned Parenthood the day she saw a woman having a medication abortion for all four children in her womb.

The email said that the woman came to Planned Parenthood “in obvious pain” after “another abortion facility down the road had given her a very heavy dose of misoprostol to abort her quadruplets. She was already into her second trimester.”

“We guided her into the bathroom, undressed her from the waist down, and instructed her to sit on the toilet,” she wrote.

Then the misoprostol kicked in.

“We were all horrified at the events that unfolded in the next few minutes.”

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  1. Do not read the rest of this please! I started to, but did not read any more!So SICKENING!! How on earth, can these so-called doctors MURDER these defenseless babies WITHOUT FEELING SICK TO THEIR STOMACHS??! I wonder how they feel when they get home & think what they have done?