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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Abortionists Justify Themselves by Claiming Preborn Don’t Have Souls

Fr. Frank Pavone

By Sarah Terzo

Among the most memorable conversations I have had are with practicing abortionists. A number of them have admitted to me that they know they are killing a child, but they justify it by saying, “I don’t know when the child receives a soul.” I was stunned upon first hearing this and replied, “If you don’t know when the child receives a soul, then you don’t know whether the newborn has a soul. Does that then give you the right to kill the newborn? 

In his book Abolishing Abortion: How You Can Play a Part in Ending the Greatest Evil of Our Day, Father Frank Pavone writes about conversations he has had with abortionists. Pavone is the head of Priests for Life, and his travels and speaking engagements have brought him face-to-face with different abortion doctors. He’s come to identify some of the strategies abortionists use to justify their work. One strategy he has observed is the tendency to deny that the preborn baby has a soul. Pavone recalls:

Since the pro-life movement is usually the one accused of always using religious arguments, it seems surprising that some abortionists use such a religious, even metaphysical argument when faced with a pro-lifer’s questions. The existence of the soul is something that cannot be proven, at least not by scientific means. When a soul arrives cannot be observed. Therefore, it is a horrible way to determine who lives and who dies.

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