Monday, April 18, 2016

Abortion Clinic Nurse Has Haunting Nightmare About an Aborted Baby


By Sarah Terzo
Life News

A writer tells of a clinic worker who recounted a nightmare she was having:

“Another writer told of a nurse who dreamed that she “was stuffing a baby into the mouth of [an antique] vase. The baby was looking at her with a pleading expression. Around the vase was a white ring. She interpreted this as representing the other nurses looking upon her act with condemnation.

He drew the conclusion that her dream “shows that unconsciously the act of abortion was experienced as an act of murder. It should be noted that this nurse was strongly committed intellectually to the new abortion law. Her reaction was typical. Regardless of one’s religious or philosophic orientation, the unconscious view of abortion remains the same. This was the most significant thing that was learned as a result of these sessions.”

Kibel, H. D., “Editorial: Staff Reactions to Abortion,”Obstetrics and Gynecology(1972) 39(1).

Rachel M. MacNair “The Nightmares of Choice” Touchstone September, 2003


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