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No, Post-abortion Syndrome is Not a Myth

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By Cassy Fiano
Live Action News

The worst thing for an abortion advocate to admit is that women may regret their abortions. Their argument is that abortion is a social good, after all, so if it’s such a great thing, then women shouldn’t ever regret it. If they do, then it casts doubt on the idea that abortion is such a positive thing.

Pro-abortion writer Maria Jose Duran opines that post-abortion syndrome is a myth, and that it’s also dangerous. She backs up her claim with her own lack of guilt after having an abortion, and a now-discredited pro-abortion study.

Post-Abortion Syndrome—a form of post-traumatic stress marked by “grief, pain, regret, and denial”—is a fallacious condition used by Crisis Pregnancy Centers (also called Pregnancy Resource Centers) to frighten women into taking their unwanted pregnancies to full term. Despite the fact that this psychological disorder has been long refuted by the medical community and fosters fear and deception, and arguably ruins lives, it remains a potent and ubiquitous tactic.

… What that actually means in scientific or psychological terms is nebulous at best; not only isn’t post-abortion syndrome recognized by the American Psychological Association or the American Psychiatric Association as an actual disorder, but a 2015 study from Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) found that 95% of 1,000 women who sought abortions in 21 different states not only didn’t regret their decision but described profound “relief.”

So this must mean that women don’t have negative experiences after abortion. Right?

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Personal stories abound from women about the emotional, mental and spiritual suffering after their abortion. Insomnia, depression, suicide attempts, substance abuse, infertility, eating disorders, psychosomatic illnesses, failed relationships are some of the post-abortion symptoms and disorders. We have posted a few of these heart-wretching stories on this blog.  So indeed, even though the American Psychological Association may deny post-abortion syndrome, for millions of women who suffer in silence, it's a harsh reality.

Learn about two Christian ministries to women who are post-abortive:  and

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