Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"I’ll stop talking about Planned Parenthood when they stop killing preborn babies."


By Susan Michelle
Live Action News

“Susan, why do you always talk about Planned Parenthood? There are more important things, you know? Everyone knows what you think.”

So goes the dinner table dialogue everywhere I go. I’m the life of the party, I tell you. But I don’t much care if people tire of it, so long as they grasp the truth and begin to speak out. Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory, and it’s hell bent on taking the lives of innocent people, at the expense of United States taxpayers—that’s you and me.

As tax season is upon us, my social media feeds are replete with comments about government spending, high taxes, and paying Uncle Sam. A few of them also realize they are paying Planned Parenthood with their hard-earned money. According to the abortion profiteer’s own 2014 – 2015 Annual Report, Planned Parenthood killed 323,999 preborn babies; meanwhile, it reported its total revenue at $1,296.1 million, and total assets of $1,484.8 million.

The protests continue over the main course: “But wait! They can’t use that money for abortion; that’s the law.”

Sort of. That’s where the word fungible comes into play. Quite simply, the word means money is freely exchangeable or replaceable. Example: If I give my money to Planned Parenthood or an organization that supports them, and I say it’s for health education, my money frees up more money for abortions. This is a basic economic principle, and I have no interest in arguing that you can mix good and bad. As a Christian, I always think of 2 Corinthians 6:14, which says, “What fellowship can light and darkness have with each other?” Answer: none.

By the time dessert rolls around, I’m hearing how much “good” Planned Parenthood does with its important “health care services for the poor.” While there is an element of truth to that, it’s not the whole picture. Yes, the abortion factory has to sustain some basic health care services. In fact, it performed over a million pregnancy tests, as noted in its annual report. But in order to abort a baby, they have to be sure one is in the womb.

Cancer screenings? Kind of. Basic breast health screenings are performed, but they are the same self-checks women can do at home. The best they can do for actual cancer detection is issue a voucher for a mammogram – but women can get free mammograms without going through a middle man. Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide mammograms, as their CEO admitted under oath:

See, all of these “health care services” are available through government funding to any qualified center. Known as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), there are thousands of clinics nationwide (compared to about 665 Planned Parenthood facilities), from large cities where Planned Parenthood has a presence to rural areas, hundres of miles from any Planned Parenthood. As Live Action News’ Adam Peters recently reported.
Across the country, over thirteen thousand federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and community health centers(CHCs) provide care to those with limited means. 

But pro-life organizations won’t just help you find care–they’re also fighting to expand it. Specifically, they’re asking Congress to divert half a billion dollars in funding from Planned Parenthood (America’s largest abortion chain) to FQHC and CHCs instead.
FQHCs and CHCs are far more accessible than Planned Parenthood, and the services they offer are more comprehensive, too. Whereas FQHCs performed over five hundred thousand mammograms last year, Planned Parenthood did zero.
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