Sunday, April 17, 2016

Helping to End Abortion through Chastity

from The End of Abortion Movement
This is a book review of Chastity is for Lovers by Arleen Spencely and how this book will help end abortion.

The book is not really about ending abortion, it is really about achieving chastity especially in the single lifestyle. That being said if our young adults were all chaste before marriage and after through the prudent use of Natural Family planning when needed there would be no more abortion and no more contraception. Once those two are gone we would easily end euthanasia for people would appreciate life as more than pleasure maximization or no pain.

Here are some excerpts from the book:
Dating is disconnected from purpose. Dating for no reason has stolen Matrimony’s thunder: We date because we want to date or to have sex or to feel warm and fuzzy, not because it’s objectively a good idea or because we are sincere in our searches for spouses.

Dating without prupose lowers the stakes, and our standards tend to plummet with them. When dating becomes and end in and of itself instead of the means to an end, we don’t stop to consider carefully the implications or the potential results.

“The purpose of dating is a corollary of the purpose of life. If the purpose of life is pleasure, enjoyment, and comfort, then the purpose of dating becomes a way that individuals seek to maximize enjoyment,” said Erik Lenhart, O.F.M Cap. “If, however, the real, deeper purpose of human existence is union, then dating becomes a human activity centered around authentic union of persons. Human beings are made in God’s image, and our relationships mirror the relationships of the Trinity, whose pattern of creation is an intimate, loving, and everlasting union.”

ating chastely can help us achieve that true union of persons.

Another Excerpt on NFP

Why be open to procreation in a culture that doesn’t require it? Why practice NFP when you could just buy condoms? Because openness to life, parenthood, and NFP helps us to do part of what we are all called to do while we are here on earth: love.

So I recommend you get this book for yourself if you have issues with living a Chaste life and also if you have young children/adults that you can reach with the message that this book brings that Chastity is not only for Lovers but also for Happiness!

Through this message we can help End Abortion, Contraception, and Euthanasia!


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