Wednesday, April 13, 2016

‘It Makes Me Sick’: Mother Who Gave Birth at 23 Weeks Disgusted That UK Law Allows Abortion at 24 Weeks

Police walk around abortion protestors holding up placards outside the Marie Stopes clinic, the first private clinic to offer abortions to women in Belfast, Northern Ireland on October 18, 2012. Dozens of pro-life campaigners protested outside the first abortion clinic in Northern Ireland as it opened to the public. Around 50 protesters brandishing placards saying "Life is precious" and showing photographs of foetuses gathered outside the privately run clinic in an anonymous building in Belfast. (Peter Muhly/AFP/Getty Images)

By Carly Hollman
The Blaze

Now, the proud mother-of-one is speaking out against the the U.K.’s “disgraceful” abortion policies and told Life News that “every baby deserves a fighting chance.”

Meabh is a fighter. At birth, the baby girl weighed just over a pound. She was also born with pneumonia and surrounded by toxic fluids.

“I want people to see how beautiful she is and how every baby deserves a fighting chance,” McArdle told the Daily Mail. “When I gave birth to her, she had hands and feet and a gorgeous little face — I think some people don’t realize how developed they are at that age.”

The liberal 1967 Abortion Act operating in England, Scotland and Wales allows abortions up to 24 weeks into a pregnancy — one week after Meabh’s miraculous birth.  And if doctors believe a baby will be born with a disability, the procedure can be legal all the way up to birth.

“It makes me sick to my stomach,” McArdle said. “The fact I could’ve had an abortion after she was born is an absolute disgrace — it makes me sick to my stomach.”

Abortion legislation is stricter in Northern Ireland, though large lobby groups like Amnesty International and U.N. subcommittees are pushing to weaken it.

“It breaks my heart that people can abort a baby when I see what she looked like at 23 weeks,” McArdle lamented, adding, “It took Meabh five and a half months to be well enough to come home, but it’s all been so worth it. It’s still hard now, but she’s brilliant and such a happy little baby.”

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