Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Want to SAVE LIVES? Applications Open Soon!

Chantel Poisel, Communications Coordinator
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

If you have received our emails in the past or followed us on social media, then no doubt you have read amazing stories of lives saved on the sidewalk by God working through faithful people like YOU.

These are people who -- when thinking about the problem of abortion in their town or city -- no doubt felt overwhelmed at first, asking questions such as...

How do I talk to the women going into my abortion facility?

I don't want to be "the annoying person" on the sidewalk, hoping to reach someone -- how can I peacefully let abortion-minded mothers and fathers know I care and someone can help?

I've been sidewalk counseling, but I'm so busy -- how can I possibly put together the training or tools needed to efficiently train others besides myself?

How do I know it's even effective?

All of us on the National Team have felt this way at one time or another. We know how tough it can be to stand in front of an abortion facility and scramble for a cohesive thought, much less find the time to develop materials and put together a sidewalk counseling program that can really make a difference.

So, knowing that lives and souls were at stake, we worked hard to make it easy for you: We developed a simple, time-tested, research-proven training program -- along with ready-made tools and full-time support -- so you can be successful in reaching out to abortion-minded women and men through God's amazing grace! (Yes, we were created for busy people who want to make a difference -- and you set the pace!)

All you do is fill out a 5-minute application (where you pledge to be peaceful, prayerful and law-abiding), agree to a short phone conversation so we can answer your questions, and we ship you everything you need to quickly build a team of peaceful sidewalk counselors. Then, we walk with you, answering your questions as you build and grow.

Applications to bring Sidewalk Advocates for Life to your community this summer are open May 1 - 31st. Please use the button below for the application.

Still have questions? No problem!

Our advice is to FIRST start with prayer: Am I called to bring peaceful sidewalk advocacy to our community? Keep in mind: We have folks join us who have never been on the sidewalk before -- all the way up to those who have been on the sidewalk for 30+ years! (So many love the blessing of knowing that everything -- the training, tools and support -- is all ready when you are!) Wherever you are in this journey, we'd love to be a blessing to you and your community!

SECOND, wherever you find yourself, we encourage you to gather more information. Feel free to learn more at! (And be sure to read our FAQs, too!)

Again, a reminder that applications to bring Sidewalk Advocates for Life to your town or city this summer will be open through May 1 - 31st.

Remember this: All it takes is ONE PERSON'S YES to completely change the efforts for LIFE in a town or city!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please drop us a line at and we'd love to be of service!

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