Sunday, April 24, 2016

Live Pro-life March to Show the Humanity of Those Conceived in Rape

ALI Abortion Model Penal Code as published by the Chicago Tribune May 29. 1966
Mississippi, the first state to allow for the rape exception to abortion in 1959

By Carole Novelli
Live Action News

On May 6th, rape survivors and children conceived in rape will gather at the Mississippi State Capitol to remember that 50 years ago, on Mother’s Day of 1966, abortion was legalized in the state for reasons of rape and incest.

The Freedom March Life Wins event is being organized by Juda Myers, founder of Choices4Life – an organization which supports women and girls who become pregnant as a result of rape, and also offers support to those who are raising children conceived in rape.

Myers told Live Action News that two years ago she felt prompted by God to look up the law that legalized abortion in the state of Mississippi. She did, and found that it had been passed on May 8, 1966 – Mother’s Day. Myers stumbled upon a
photo image of the law published by another group who opposes abortion and discovered that Mississippi was the first state to amend its law to permit abortions in cases of rape.
“I felt like someone stabbed me in the heart,” Myers said.  Myers felt so strongly because, at age 46, she learned that she was conceived in rape.

Juda Myers
Juda Myers

Two years later she met her birth mother who tearfully recounted how she was gang raped as a young woman and became pregnant with Myers. 

When the doctors told her mother that they would “take care of it,” Myers said her mother told her she responded, “You won’t take care of ‘it’ – ‘it’ is MY baby.”

Myers’ birth mother lovingly placed her for adoption after feeling       pressured to have an abortion. 

Myers was born on Valentine’s Day 1957 – a day that her mother told her she realized her daughter’s birth was the best thing that had ever happened in her life.  After Myers’ mother passed away, her mother’s close friends told her that her mother had celebrated her birth every Valentine’s Day and vowed that they would celebrate together again (which they did).

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