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#IStandWithDavid Against PP Political Corruption! Will You?

from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust
Survivors Upcoming Resistance Events: 
  • Protest Kamala Harris April 13th
  • Citrus Fair Volunteers April 20-24
  • National ProtestPP April 23
  • Pro Life Training Camp June 20-July 2 2016
  • Join the Resistance Part/Full Time

#IStandWithDavid against PP political corruption!  Will you?

How do you spell political corruption?

K-A-M-A-L-A  H-A-R-R-I-S

Earlier this week, David Daleiden's home was raided by the orders of Kamala Harris, the California Attorney General!

Instead of investigating the criminals (Planned Parenthood), she is going after the one who uncovered the crime (David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress that uncovered the #PPSellsBabyParts scandal)! Hopefully she watches the footage she stole!

The California AG is supposed to be the State's "chief law officer" with the duty "to ensure that the laws of the state are uniformly and adequately enforced" (California Constitution, Article V, Section 13). Can anyone say she is uniformly and adequatelyenforcing the law when it comes to Planned Parenthood?

I wonder why...?

Guess who has consistently given money to Kamala Harris... That's right - Planned Parenthood! In fact, Harris is so bold as to solicit petition signatures in support of PP on her Senate website... while she's still the California AG!

Can anyone deny she's biased?

We don't think so... She is definitely in Planned Parenthood's pocket.

That's why next week Survivors will be standing with David and calling upon Kamala Harris to resign her office! Will you join us?

WHAT: Anti-Corruption Protest
WHEN: Wednesday, April 13 at 11am
WHERE: Outside the AG's office in Sacramento
ADDRESS: 1300 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Survivors will be taking a van up from Riverside, leaving on Tuesday and returning on Wednesday. Email us if you would like to ride with us or pick you up along the way.

Please view the 'Quick Tips' video below or at YouTube using this link. 


Survivors to bring the "No Mas" Campaign 
to the Citrus Fair: Volunteers Needed!

Survivors will be at the Citrus Fair this year where we will be presenting our new No Mas Planned Parenthood

campaign to activate the Hispanic community in the Inland Empire. Volunteers are needed to man the booth and engage with fair goers on the truth about Planned Parenthood.

When: April 20 - 24
Time: Wed & Thurs 4 - 11pm, Fri & Sat 10am - 11pm, Sun noon - 11pm. 
Where: National Orange Show Event Center, 689 S E St, San Bernardino

To Volunteer: Contact James Conrad, 909-663-4849,

                        First Annual Nationwide #ProtestPP                     


On April 23, #ProtestPP will conduct the first annual protest at Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide, to be held on the 4th Saturday of April every year until the abortion chain no longer preys upon our communities.

We'll call on Congress and the States to cut off all government funding to Planned Parenthood and bring charges against all those responsible for the horrific baby parts scandal. And we'll demand that all charges against undercover journalist David Daleiden be dropped.

Come out April 23, and bring your friends -- especially those who haven't been out on the front lines at an event like this before. We may never have a better opportunity to strip Planned Parenthood of their massive $500 million taxpayer subsidy and expose the truth about this corrupt organization.
Survivors is hosting the following locations:
Planned Parenthood - San Bernardino Health Center
1873 Commercenter Dr W, San Bernardino (Map & Directions)
Time: 10am - noon on Saturday, April 23
Contact: Cheryl Conrad, 951-750-1114, Sponsored by Survivors and St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church Respect Life Ministry

Planned Parenthood - Riverside Health Center
3772 Tibbetts, Riverside, California
Time: 2 - 4pm on Saturday April 23
Contact: Cheryl Conrad, 951-750-1114, Sponsored by Survivors

Check out the list of other protest sites to see if there's one near you:

Join us April 23 as #ProtestPP marches forward!

Register Today:
Survivors ProLife Bootcamp

This summer is going to be epic! Don't forget to register today to reserve your spot!

Join The Resistance at the 19th annual Survivors ProLife Training Camp - 13 days of intense training and activism that will prepare you to stand against the worst evil of our day: abortion. Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry may have money and power, but we have God and conviction. This year we watched as Planned Parenthood once again was exposed and investigated, and this time the disturbing truths of selling aborted baby parts for profit was released. They are under investigation which means now more than ever we must apply more pressure!

So act today and join us this summer for a training camp like none other before!

Early bird registration saves you money, so register now before May 1st!

Join the Resistance Team and 
Stop Planned Parenthood!


The Survivors insist there should be no place on earth where Planned Parenthood can rest or practice their deadly skills - we mean it! The Survivors are giving a call to action to one and all who want to drive Planned Parenthood back to hell from whence they came! The Survivors are calling on young people to Join The Resistance!

Now through November 3, 2016 -- Election Day, we need young people to join our Resistance team to expose Planned Parenthood. You can join for as short as two weeks or for the entire campaign. Survivors will cover room and board and commitments for longer than a month will receive a weekly stipend.

Be a frontline soldier in the fight to expose the evil deeds of darkness perpetrated by Planned Parenthood. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Now is the time to answer the call.

To join the Survivors Resistance Team, email Jeff White at Resist@Survivors.LA or call our office at (951) 750-1114.

***Special Note: In particular we are looking for Spanish speakers to be part of our NoMas Campaign to educate the Hispanic community on how to protect their families, faith, and future from Planned Parenthood.

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  1. Good for you guys exposing all this corruption! I will be with you in spirit while we have our protest PP in Michigan.