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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Evangelical Pastor Opens First Annual Planned Parenthood Prayer Rally With Powerful Message

Pastor Chuck Wilson (far right)

First National Annual Planned Parenthood Prayer Rally

It was a cold, rainy Saturday when the faithful gathered at the corner of Street Road and Louis Drive near the site of Warminster Planned Parenthood. There were 53 pro-life warriors huddled together under a small tent to hear Pastor Chuck Wilson from New Hope Community Church open with a powerful Spirit-filled message and prayer.

Pastor Chuck's Message and Prayer:

It’s hard to believe....  
We are the same country, that just a generation ago, helped free the holocaust survivors from the death camps where they were being killed and their body parts used for profit. 

It’s hard to believe....
We are the same country that sat in judgment in Nuremberg over the Nazis for their atrocities. 

And yet we stand here today in front of a building that receives federal funding to kill unborn babies and profits from selling their body parts.

We have far surpassed what Hitler and and Stalin did combined.  We have killed almost 60 million of our own people. 

And not only that, when this grisly practice was exposed, the government didn’t go after Planned Parenthood, but the people who exposed this evil. 

I believe the USA has crossed the line of mercy and grace.  It’s not a matter of if we will be judged, but when it will happen. 

So why am I standing out here in the rain....which is symbolic....of God’s tears for these dying babies?

Because we are called to be faithful…to be salt and light....to slow the rotting of the corpse which is the USA today.

We are called to reach out with the love of Jesus to one mom and baby at a time…to save every life we can....both physically and spiritually.

We are like the Israelites marching around Jericho....day after day.... when nothing was happening.

But something was happening....they were being faithful....until God knocked the wall down.

And whether God knocks down the walls of this evil called abortion....or he takes our country down, our job is the same....faithfulness.

Abortion, What would Jesus Do? God Bless America? American people, in ...

Oh, God forgive us for this great sin....wake up your church because we know until we are revived there is no hope for our country.  Amen

Rev. Chuck Wilson is pastor of New Hope Community Church, New Hope, PA. Pastor Chuck and his wife Kim are the proud and loving parents of 13 children. Visit the church's website at: www.newhopechurchpa.org

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