Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Side Walk Counselor's Story of Divine Intervention to Save an Unborn Baby's Life

Warminster Planned Parenthood

By A Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor 

We had been standing in front of Planned Parenthood in Warminster when this 38 year-old tall, football player looking man approached us. I hadn't even noticed him leaving the building. There he was, walking towards us. I was so afraid because of his size, not knowing his intent. It was good that there was a man praying near me, I thought, in case there was any trouble. 

The first words out of his mouth relieved me of any fear. He said he did not agree with anything going on "in there" and just had to get out of the building. It was horrible in there, he said. He proceeded to give us his story and how opposed he was to his child to be aborted. 
He tried everything he could to convince his girlfriend otherwise, even promising to raise the child himself. It wasn't long before he was crying right there in front of us and there was nothing we could do for him. He pulled out a rosary and said he was praying to Our Lady of Guadalupe and Padre Pio. As one last effort, I suggested he re-enter the building and show the girlfriend a video clip of an abortion as seen on He left and I waited around, longer than I had intended, in the hope that he might come outside again, either with the mother of his child or alone, in which case he could still need support.

It was only because of this man that I was still present at the clinic around 11:00 when two young women pulled up. I called out to them an offer of some literature. As they approached, I asked if they had an appointment. Their positive response meant one was scheduled for an abortion, as that is all that is scheduled there on Fridays. When the pregnant girl responded to my question, "Which one of you is pregnant," I excitedly said to her that my friend had just left after bringing hot chocolate and donuts and that she was praying to adopt a sibling for her adopted son. 

All that was necessary was for this young woman to keep her baby safe for a couple months and this woman would raise her baby. She just smiled and we talked some more and she offered that she wanted to have an ultrasound in Planned Parenthood. I told her that I could take her down the street to a place where she could have one. She said she didn't have much money. I told her the place I would take her would be free. I could swing my car around and they could follow me right down the road to Baby's Breath. 

That's exactly what happened. Funny thing is that I only knew generally where it was located, since they had recently moved. So I called my friend who wanted to adopt.  She was looking up the address and directing me as I was driving. There was no problem finding the complex and as we arrived the women were smiling and excited. The second woman was the sister and as she exited the car, two children were with her, one who is cousin to the unborn baby. We talked about how they would be playmates.

The counselor inside Baby's Breath was very hospitable and I asked her for a pen so that I could exchange phone numbers with the pregnant girl. As I gave her a hug, I asked her if she could promise she wouldn't go back to Planned Parenthood and she said, "I promise." 

When I called her four days later, she told me her whole story, very involved as most are. She has two other children. She received the ultrasound at Baby's Breath the day we went and they had already followed up with her again by phone. I could detect peace and joy in her voice, the antithesis of what she would have felt if she had kept her appointment Friday at the clinic.

God is good in allowing this save to come about as a result of a broken man escaping the horrors of an abortion clinic that Friday. Had that not happened, this woman may not have been buying prenatal vitamins but rather suffering a life of regret.

Blogger's Note: This beautiful infant and his mother are the reasons sidewalk counselors and pro-lifers stand vigil in prayer in front of Planned Parenthood.

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