Sunday, April 30, 2017

Patrick Henry Hughes is the Reason why Abortion Should be Stopped!

The video below was sent to me by one of my Facebook friends.

With all the violence going on in our world, particularly to God's precious little ones, it is inspiring to see a story of someone who overcame so much in his life.  His father states in this video that Patrick is his hero; after seeing the sacrifice his Dad has made, I consider his Dad one of my heroes.

My friend Patty states; "no more killing our babies.. no one has the right to take another human's life.. esp. when we are: unborn/newborn, child, teenager, adult and elderly plus the disabled, both physically and mental disabled... period..end of story."  She's right - no one has that right.  God is the giver of life and every child conceived is a precious gift from Him.

Please view the video below or on YouTube by using this link.

 For more information on Patrick Henry Hughes, please follow this link to his website.  

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