Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Number of Abortions “Too Low,” Pro-Abortion Writer Says

By Sarah Terzo
National Right to Life

Remember the old days when pro-abortion persons would say that abortion should be rare? The oft-repeated words, notably spoken by pro-abortion president Bill Clinton [way back in the 90s] are “safe, legal, and rare.”

Pro-abortion advocates used to say that a lot because it made them come off like moderates. But they are also acknowledging that they, like most people, feel uncomfortable about abortion. They may say that abortion should only be a last resort for women, but the policies they support, namely, abortion without any restrictions, actually encourage abortions to be more common.

One response to the “safe, legal, rare” mantra is to ask the pro-choicer why they feel abortion should be rare. They are tacitly admitting that they know abortion is a bad thing (or why should it be rare?), but why is it a bad thing?

If abortion is only the removal of some tissue or cells, why would it be a bad thing? It shouldn’t matter if there were 1,000, 4,000, 10,000, or 50,000 abortions a day.

Why would it matter if it were just another operation, akin to wisdom teeth removal or a tonsillectomy? In response to this question, the pro-abortion advocate may be forced to admit that abortion is a bad thing that should be rare because it kills babies.

Claiming that abortion should be rare allows pro-choicers to appeal to those who are ambivalent, or on the fence about abortion. Many pro-abortion writers, activists and politicians have clung to the “abortion should be rare” rhetoric.

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