Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ireland: Pro-abortion group returns grant from Planned Parenthood donor George Soros

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Live Action News

A pro-abortion group in Ireland has returned funds equaling $25,000 USD (€23,460) to the Open Society Foundation (owned by billionaire pro-abortion donor George Soros) after being warned by the Republic’s Standards in Public Office (SIPO) that the donation “violated Irish law prohibiting the donation of over €100 from foreign sources for domestic political purposes.”

The Abortion Rights Campaign stated that the grant “was received to fund educational and stigma-busting projects.” The group, along with two other pro-abortion groups in Ireland, came under fire last year for accepting funding from George Soros’ organization in an effort to repeal the country’s 8th Amendment, which protects the lives of preborn children. Pro-lifers viewed the acceptance of large donations from foreign donors as “a gross interference” and “an attack on democracy.”

A spokesperson for the Abortion Rights Campaign told Irish Central that the group’s emphasis is “on advocating for reproductive rights while striving to lift the stigma surrounding abortion in Ireland. Every cent we receive goes back into the movement towards choice, change and destigmatizing abortion in Ireland.”

Billionaire George Soros is no stranger to funding pro-abortion groups and other activism. Last year, Live Action News’ Carole Novielli reported that Soros and his family are among the top donors to Planned Parenthood’s political action group, Planned Parenthood Votes. 

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