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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Abortion Activist Steals Pro-Life Sign and Hits Priest With Her Vehicle as She Drove Away

By Micaiah Bilger
Life News

An Ohio pro-life group said an abortion activist injured one of its volunteers and tried to steal several pro-life signs earlier this month outside a Columbus, Ohio abortion clinic.

Created Equal posted a video of the April 8 incident this week, showing a local priest named Father Joseph Klee almost being run over by a vehicle driven by an abortion activist.

The pro-life group said the abortion activist was Michelle Davis, an abortion clinic volunteer, and they said police charged her with theft and “miscellaneous incident (assault).” LifeNews was unable to find more information about the incident on the Columbus Police Department website, which lists daily police reports.

The video shows a pro-life volunteer running toward the abortion activist’s vehicle and calling out repeatedly, “You’re gonna hit a pedestrian!” and “Stop!” as the abortion activist drove away.

Klee said he was in front of the vehicle and was hit by it as he tried to move out of the way. In the video, Klee’s hand was bloody. According to Created Equal, the priest had been trying to retrieve their pro-life signs when the abortion activist drove away.

“I was in front of the vehicle, and it came at me and turned the wheel toward me,” the priest told emergency responders in the video. “It almost ran me down.”

The incident took place outside the Founder’s Women’s Center, an abortion facility in Columbus that has a dubious reputation.

State inspection reports from the Ohio Department of Health indicate numerous health and safety violations at the Columbus abortion facility in recent years, according to Operation Rescue.

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