Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Patriotic Defense of the Preborn‏

by Judie Brown
American Life League

It's as American as apple pie. Much more so.

And I'm as deadly serious and angry as the PATRIOTS of the American Revolution in the 1700s.

The defense of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - the very core of our Declaration of Independence - begins with the defense of life. Every other right depends on the right to live for all innocent citizens.

On this Independence Day, as the enemies of our American values parade around with pathetic theories about made-up rights and rainbow flags flying high above our Star Spangled Banner, remember to support American Life League as we struggle for the most important human and American rights.

That Declaration and the Bill of Rights never even hint at the possibility that fundamental rights can be
ignored when the citizen is small, vulnerable, and dependent on another person! It's a horrible abuse of power when politicians and so-called "judges" twist the meaning of our rights to protect only the big, strong, powerful, and increasingly the WHINY!

Today, extremely powerful interests like Planned Parenthood have hijacked our society and our government to deny the right to life - to murder - hundreds of millions of preborn citizens.

American Life League is the NUMBER ONE opponent of Planned Parenthood and its attempts to DESTROY our beloved America from within. We can't do it without your support. Please make a special Independence Day contribution now using the button below!

Click here to take a look at Hugh Brown's brief but very inspiring speech in front of the Supreme Court building. Hugh is a board member of ALL.

Then click here to see Tim Hamer's interview. Tim is the principal of St. Michael the Archangel High School, which is the first truly pro-life school in our country and a project of American Life League.

The vicious Planned Parenthood, self-centered enemies of traditional marriage, and their spineless political allies are clever in arguing that some vague right to privacy trumps the rights to life and family. In doing so, they have nearly destroyed our country, our values, our families, our schools, our political system, our courts, and even our economy in so many ways. They are so greedy and murderous, our population is even declining!

No person can love America and desire the systematic death of preborn babies. NO PATRIOT CAN WILL THE MURDER OF FELLOW CITIZENS, ESPECIALLY WHEN SUPPORTED BY THE GOVERNMENT ITSELF.

The powerful politicians and abortion lobby that are distorting our democratic system are committing high treason.

Innocent, vulnerable citizens should NEVER be put to death for the convenience of others. Persons guilty of high treason, however, should beware the wrath of patriots.

One nation under God, and subject to HIS justice.


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