Sunday, July 26, 2015

Evangelical Left Leaders Jim Wallis and Others Respond to Planned Parenthood Videos

by Jeffery Walton
Christian Post

Evangelical Left figures have begun responding to an unfolding scandal involving Planned Parenthood and the alleged sale of organs from aborted children for profit. The authors and columnists join officials from the Southern Baptist Convention, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and others in expressing concern about the allegations.

Controversy erupted last week when an anti-abortion organization, the California-based Center for Medical Progress (CMP), released an undercover video showing Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) Senior Director of Medical Services Dr. Deborah Nucatola discussing the sale of organs from aborted fetuses. A second video released this week shows Dr. Mary Gatter, president of the Planned Parenthood Medical Directors' Council, negotiating payment for the sale of baby body parts. Both videos have gone viral, with over 2.5 million views of the first, and the hashtag #DefundPP trending on Twitter. CMP has indicated that the videos are merely the first of a series of recorded conversations exposing alleged wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood and its affiliates.

"We confess to being at a complete loss of what to say in the face of humanity's brokenness," wrote Sojourners President Jim Wallis and Sojourners Web Editor Sandi Villarreal July 23 on the web site of the progressive Christian magazine. "Beyond the ethical questions of how an organization receives payment for tissue or the debates around the potential benefits of the patients' donations of fetal tissue, the videos are an in-your-face reminder of our culture's blatant disrespect for life."

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