Wednesday, July 22, 2015

List of Businesses that Support Planned Parent(Murder)hood

by Fr. Peter Carota
Traditional Catholic Priest

How much do you know about the charitable organizations that you support? We hope your answer is “a lot.” But if the answer is “very little,” do not fret for LDI is here to do the research for you.
Does a charity you support:
  • give some of your hard-earned money to Planned Parenthood or another pro-abortion group?
  • advocate for embryonic stem cell research?
  • take an anti-life public position on a life issue (abortion, euthanasia, etc.)?
  • distribute abortifacient birth control?
  • choose to keep women in the dark regarding the link between abortion and breast cancer?
The answers to these and other questions may surprise (and disappoint) you. But they also present an opportunity for you to do something about it!

The names of the nonprofits are listed alphabetically. Each group is listed under commonly used names. For example, the Fraternal Order of Eagles may be found under “Eagles.” (If you cannot find what you are looking for, check under “National,” and “American.”)

A much more complete list of nonprofit organizations involved with the Culture of Death, with mailing addresses, names of chief executives, phone numbers, and so forth, may be found in the “Dishonorable Mention” section of The Boycott List.

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