Thursday, July 2, 2015

Action Alert: Legislative alert from PA Pro-Life‏

from Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

We would like to thank you for calling and emailing key members of the state legislature about funding for the state’s Alternatives to Abortion program, which is administered by Real Alternatives.

Thanks to your efforts and the efforts of legislative leaders, the budget passed by the PA House and Senate increased the funding 10 percent.

Regrettably, however, pro-abortion Governor Tom Wolf has now vetoed the budget, putting that funding increase in jeopardy. Without the increase, women in crisis will go unserved and, tragically, babies will die.

Please contact the chairman of the PA House Appropriations Committee, Rep. William Adolph, Senator Joseph Scarnati, and the House pro-life caucus leaders—Rep. Kathy Rapp, Rep. Bryan Cutler, Rep. Matthew Baker, Rep. Bryan Barbin, and Rep. Pam Snyder--with this urgent message: “Please hold firm on the 10 percent increase in funding for the state’s Alternatives to Abortion program. Don’t let Governor Wolf take it away!”

The contact information for the lawmakers is below:

Rep. William Adolph--; 717-787-1248

Sen. Joseph Scarnati--; 717-787-7084

Rep. Kathy Rapp--; 717-787-1367

Rep. Bryan Cutler--; 717-783-6424

Rep. Matthew Baker--; 717-772-5371

Rep. Bryan Barbin--; 717-783-1491

Rep. Pam Snyder--; 717-783-3797

Thanks for making these critical calls and sending these important emails!

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