Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pro-abortion Activist Complains about Conditions Inside Movement

by Sarah Terzo
Live Action News

Sometimes going through the archives of pro-choice blogs can reveal interesting things about the abortion industry and the pro-abortion movement.

I don’t mean the fact that pro-choicers advocate the tearing apart of unborn babies, or that abortion clinics are often poorly run and dangerous to women – we already know that. But sometimes you catch pro-choice activists and clinic workers talking to one another honestly about the problems in the abortion industry. And that can be very enlightening.

In a 2012 post, a pro-abortion activist over at Abortion Gang complains about problems within the pro-choice movement (apologies for language):
A co-worker once told me that in her 10+ years of working in the reproductive health field, her peers in other movements validated time and again that our movement is the most f**kd up …because of the way we treat each other, and the way our intra-movement politics operate. 
Every so often several friends and I debate the merits of “outing” certain organizations for their legendary bull***t. Everyone knows that organization A has an executive director who’s a megalomanic. Everyone knows that two particular organizations bully other smaller organizations. Everyone knows that organization B likes to fire (almost) everyone every couple of years. Everyone knows that certain national organizations have less than cordial relationships with their local affiliates. Is there merit in pinning a name to these claims? What would happen to the person who decided to to do so? Would she be ex-communicated from the movement? Lose the ability to work or volunteer in the movement ever again?

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