Saturday, July 11, 2015

An Invitation to Join the National Pro-Life Alliance on Facebook

Martin Fox, President
National Pro-Life Alliance

As you may know, the abortion lobby is actively engaged on Facebook pushing the false idea that an unborn baby is not a life but “just a piece of tissue.”

You and I know this is not true.  But the fact is over 150 million Americans use Facebook as a tool for communicating and a good number of them are young pro-lifers.

I believe it’s important your National Pro-Life Alliance reach these folks and spread our message of life.  That is why I have expanded our NPLA operations to Facebook, and I ask you to use the button provided below to 'like' our National Pro-Life Alliance Facebook page.

The more people that like the National Pro-Life Alliance, the more young people I can reach to build support for pro-life legislation.  In fact, once you have liked the National Pro-Life Alliance Facebook page, you can share our pictures and stories with your family and friends to help spread our message of life even further.

Facebook gives the National Pro-Life Alliance an additional way to deliver critical action alerts and breaking news to our members.

Let’s make it so no matter where people go on the internet, they hear our message of pro-life.

My younger staff members are excited to make it “cool” to be pro-life on Facebook. I hope you’ll join us by liking our page.

The National Pro-Life Alliance occupies a unique and important role in the pro-life movement. The focus of many other pro-life organizations is research, publications or counseling.

These are all important and worthy activities, but the National Pro-Life Alliance is singular in its focus on passing pro-life legislation that will protect the unborn from the moment of conception onward.

We believe that it is not sufficient to merely support minor regulations on abortion in a few outrageous cases.

Instead, members of the National Pro-Life Alliance lobby both incumbents and candidates for office to come out clearly for measure like a Life at Conception Act to legislatively define constitutionally-protected "personhood" as beginning at the moment of conception.

For more information on the National Pro-Life Alliance or learn how you can help them in their work, use this link. 

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