Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Baby Parts for Lamborghini’s

Tom Graffagnino

Baby parts for Lamborghini’s,
Planning Parenthood’s resolve.
Using suction….(It’s “less crunchy”)…
Watch the conscience, sir, devolve.

Watch the lawless claim, “It’s legal!”
Watch the dark disguised as light.
Watch man dining with the devil,
Note, please, this Inhuman Rite.

Watch the “hits” just keep on coming,
Watch as prophecy’s fulfilled,
Watch the flesh on center stage, sir…
Watch as innocents are killed.

Watch The Fall come into focus, 
And the Neo-Pagan reign…
Listen to the Idol chatter,
Watch atrocity mundane.

Watch as Molech makes a comeback,
Watch the “goddess” make her play…
Watch a culture’s downward spiral ,
Deadly Pride on full display.

Watch the Nihil-isticks banter,
Watch red tooth ‘n’ claw revered…
Watch progressives there progressing, 
Watch a nation’s conscience seared.

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