Friday, July 10, 2015

Suit: Unlicensed Planned Parenthood Worker Forced Birth Control Injection on Minor

By Cheryl Sullenger
Operation Rescue

But more disturbingly, it reveals something sinister about Planned Parenthood's unethical treatment of at least one minor girl and its aggressive eagerness to cannibalize one of their own rather than admit there might be serious internal problems.

The 2014 suit was explained in a well-written piece that appeared in the San Diego Reader, a quirky, alternative newspaper that focuses on the trendy – and often gritty – cultural side of San Diego. Amid the bright promotions of local events, flashy concert advertisements, restaurant reviews and personal ads, one can find some of the best investigative reporting anywhere. The Reader dares to go where mainstream media will not, including behind the veil of obfuscation that usually characterizes abortion rhetoric that is force-fed to the public.

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