Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Blind Guides in-the-know

Wicca handfasting ceremony 

by Tom Graffagnino 

It’s a Neo-Pagan Circus,
A Post-Modern witches’ brew,
“Man” or “woman”?....What’s your preference?
Psycho-Therapeutic Coup.

“Right” and “wrong”?...It’s all subjective.
That’s no “baby” in the womb!
Please, come join us on this journey
Through the Land of White-Washed Tombs.

We’ve got Peter Singer Specials,
Market- wise, dead giveaways.
Bet your bottom dollar, baby….
Place your order!...No delay!

We’re advancing ever-backwards,
Re-embracing Pagan-Thought.
We refer to it as “progress”
Since the Bible’s come to nought.

It’s “The New Truth” that’s emerging,
There’s no Rock…just Ebb ‘n’ Flo…
It’s a world of Gnostic Nuance
From The Blind Guides in-the-know.

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