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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Three Kings and a Baby

by Gabriel Garnica
Catholic Stand

Behind the humble majesty of Christmas, we find three powerful reminders of the sacredness of love, and life, in the core of our faith. We have just celebrated the feasts of the Holy Family and the Holy Innocents, and we are headed for the feast of the Epiphany, wherein we commemorate the journey and adoration of three wise, and brave, kings for our newborn Savior (Matthew 2:1-12).

Placed as we are in this profound juncture of our liturgical year, we might also dwell on the decisions of another set of three kings regarding babies.

The First Pro-Life Decision

Scripture tells us the story of two prostitutes who ask King Solomon to settle an argument between the two of them over who is the mother of a particular baby (1 Kings 3:16-28). The wise king asks for a sword to divide the baby in half so that both can have part of the baby.

Ultimately, Solomon decides that the essence of motherhood is unconditional, unselfish love willing to sacrifice, not chained to convenience or self-interest, free from bitterness or resentment and, above all, recognizing the mutual relationship between personal responsibility and trust in the Will of God. In awarding the baby precisely to the woman willing to sacrifice her own interest for the baby’s safety and welfare, Solomon embraces the sanctity of life over self.

A King’s Right To Choose

If wise Solomon showed us the majestic heights to which noble rule can rise, then Herod demonstrated the pathetic depths to which ignoble rule can sink. Consumed by insecurity and doubt, this king chose the convenience of mass murder in a vile and feeble attempt to maintain a grasp on the false illusion of a temporary throne.

Is not abortion merely this, the pathetically selfish attempt to escape personal responsibility, or the equally tragic victory of the material over the spiritual? Is not the very essence of abortion yet another cry of rebellion against the omnipotence and rule of God over life? Is not abortion a morally immature “solution” steeped in self?

In murdering innocence for self-interest, Herod embodied this society’s rampant selfishness and greed, and provides us with a tragic contrast to the noble decision of Solomon.

continue reading at http://www.catholicstand.com

Gabriel Garnica has been an educator for over 30 years and a Catholic and conservative writer for over half that time. He is presently a columnist for RenewAmerica.us and FamilySecurityMatters.org and is proud and honored to bring his contributions to Catholic Stand. 

Although he is both a licensed attorney and has a counseling degree, Gabriel is excited about his new career effort as a life and business coach. He shares his insights and perspectives on faith at Deus Solus and hopes to add a life coaching blog and website in the near future as well. Gabriel has a J.D. from New York University and a M.S. Ed. in counseling from Fordham University.

44 women left Planned Parenthood . . .

Happy New Year from the team at Created Equal!

from Mark Harrington, National Director
Created Equal

Columbus, OH – Dec 31, 2015 – This summer's shocking revelation of Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts led to #ProtestPP, the historic nationwide protest of the abortion giant. Not only did this result in 100,000 activists taking to the streets at 654 individual protests, but in Created Equal's home base of Columbus, OH, the effort launched a continual presence outside the local Planned Parenthood. 

Every time their doors are open, Created Equal's Sidewalk Ministry has boots on the ground. We've already seen 44 women turn away from this facility, nine of whom have gone on to confirm they will not kill their babies! And this is in just two months. That's an average of one Planned Parenthood customer turning away from the facility every single day they're open!

Listen here to what this young man says. They are pregnant and they are keeping it! Posted by Dave Daubenmire on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The second #ProtestPP rally, held on October 10th, led to approximately 70 people signing up to minister weekly outside the Columbus Planned Parenthood surgical facility. We now have a strong presence outside the facility five days a week.
  • In 2 short months, we have seen:
  • 44 women leave Planned Parenthood because of our work
  • at least 35 women turned away from the facility
  • at least 9 women not only turned away but also confirmed their babies have been rescued from death by abortion
  • potentially $20,000 dollars of blood money siphoned away from Planned Parenthood
  • 6 teams of 70 volunteers trained for sidewalk ministry
Elizabeth Johnston, Director of the Created Equal Sidewalk Ministry, said; "There are very few abortion facilities across the nation who have such a strong and organized Christian presence. Truly, God is doing something amazing in Columbus, and we give Him all the glory! We have been commanded, as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, to love our neighbors. Truly, preborn children being marched into Planned Parenthood to be butchered are our neighbors. Jesus said that when we minister unto the least of these, we have ministered unto Him."

Will you come join us on the sidewalks? We are the baby's last line of defense before being led to the slaughter. To be a part of this exciting and very rewarding ministry, contact Elizabeth Johnston at babyrescuer@yahoo.com for more information.

Thank you for helping us make a real difference in the battle for preborn babies. With your help, we can do even better in 2016!

Created Equal is a nonprofit organization funded by private donations. Our efforts to help end the greatest human rights injustice of our time are made possible by you.

Please consider monthly support or a special gift to help us train this generation to win the battle for life.  For more information or to make a donation, please use this link. 

Mothers' Home in Darby, Pa. to Celebrate 25 Years of Service

from Ted Meehan
Prolife Union of Delaware County  
No single pro-lifer has done more to advance the Cause of Life than Dr. George Isajiw.
He was the initiator of the Crisis Pregnancy Hotline, and also has served as the moving force behind Mothers’ Home in Darby–a shelter where women in crisis are welcomed and given loving care. Prior to the opening of Mothers’Home, the Isajiws had hosted nearly 30 women in crisis in their home.

Since its opening, in 1993, Mothers Home has sheltered more than 1,000 women. The Home is located in the former BVM Convent in Darby, and houses up to 28 women at a time.  Read more at Mother's Home in Darby.

Mothers’ Home is the essential element to our efforts to defend Life. When a mother chooses Life, when doing so may cause her to be abandoned by her family, there must be a place where she can go. Only your donations and support can keep the doors open for this wonderful place of refuge and peace.

To celebrate the 25th year of Mothers’Home and to honor Dr. George and Pat Isajiw,  a cocktail party will be held at on January 3rd at:
 Ivy Hall,
6331 Lancaster Avenue
Philadelphia, PA
from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
If you are unable to attend, you can donate by mailing a check to:
Mothers’ Home
51 North MacDade Boulevard
Darby, PA 19023
The dollars raised from our Anniversary Celebration will be used to help in the renovation of our kitchen. Like many family kitchens, it is the hub of the community life for our mothers and their babies.

Mothers’ Home encourages its community atmosphere, and hopes to make the kitchen as attractive and functional as possible.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Your American Values‏ - Stop Supporting Abortion

From Susan B. Anthony List

With each phone bill you are helping to support Pro-Abortion groups and politicians that fund and support abortion. Maybe you have been stuck in a contract or the thought of making the switch is too much of a hassle. But for a very limited time we are offering our lowest prices ever.

You can keep supporting the Pro-abortion lobby or you can make the decision to support life with every text, tweet and status update.

Eos Mobile is the Pro-Life mobile company. Eos gives up to 3% of every dollar you spend to Susan B. Anthony List to aid in their fight to elect pro-life candidates.

We are running a special New Year price never before offered and valid for only a limited time.

For $50 per month you receive Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts and Unlimited Data and that price includes your choice of a Free iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4.**

Donn't need or want data? We have a gret deal for you as well - $25 a month for unlimited text and talk.

Supplies are very limited, when the phones designated for this promotion are gone so will these prices.

With Eos Mobile you’ll receive:
  • Same level of service you receive today with your pro-abortion company
  • Some of the fastest data speeds available anywhere
  • Up to 3% of every dollar you spend goes to support your pro-life values and Susan B. Anthony List.
  • Plus, keep your current phone number

We are proud to share with you a Conservative alternative to the liberal values of your current phone company. Again, you’ll get the same quality of service, lower cost and help support conservative groups and candidates.

To learn more about how you can join the Pro-Life wireless revolution, call 877-367-7524 today.

The sooner you call, the quicker you can ensure that not another penny of your cell phone bill goes to electing candidates in 2016 who do not share your values.

Call 877-367-7524 to Get Started


Historic City of Selma Finally Abortion Free; Illegal Abortion Mill Shuts Down

Fr. Terry Gensemer, CEC For Life
Operation Rescue

Selma, AL - In 2014, Fr. Terry Gensemer of CEC For Life uncovered an illegal abortion clinic in Selma, Alabama, and began efforts to stop the appalling operation. Now, the coalition of pro-life organizations that developed around those efforts has confirmed that Dr. Samuel Lett is no longer performing abortions in the city of Selma.

The Central Alabama Women's Clinic, formerly used as Lett's back-alley abortion clinic, is now operating as a weight-loss facility.

Pro-life leaders from CEC For Life, Operation Rescue, Life Legal Defense Foundation, The National Black Prolife Coalition and Created Equal have been building public awareness around this illegal clinic for nearly two years. Aside from several public campaigns and a historic march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge with Alveda King, Charmaine Yoest and Star Parker, these same organizations have continued to call for state authorities to take action and prevent Lett from becoming the next Gosnell.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Celebrating an Amazing Year for Guiding Star Ministries!

Note: The following was taken from the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia's December Newsletter for Guiding Star Ministries and the Union's website.

What an incredible response to help the families at Guiding Star this year!  Five women and their children now call Guiding Star "home," and we are sprucing up the building to ready it for more incoming families.  Two more women and their children have participated in the program, but received housing and support in other locations, due to specific family needs.

This is all possible because of your great support.  We have had more than 150 volunteer hours donated, and $20,000 in donations and in-kind gifts in the last three months alone.

We are looking forward to this holiday season and hope your family will remember some of the families we serve in your prayers.  We look forward to an exciting new year of service ahead, and we wish you a very blessed holiday season!

Meet the Moms at Guiding Star

Mothers come to Guiding Star for help in all different ways, under different circumstances.  Some call the Pregnancy Hotline, or are referred from Catholic Social Services, or come through a church representative or friend.  While the situations vary, we strive to provide each woman in need with a safe home, counseling, and help while they prepare for their child. 
Jamie came to us through a church representative.  She was a few months pregnant and describes living in a dirty one room flat in the city, where the electricity only worked sometimes.  "I remember thinking, I have to do something," Jamie says now.  "I couldn't bring the baby there."  Jamie welcomed her sweet baby boy over the summer.  
Aimee called the Pregnancy Hotline a year ago, the week before Christmas.  She was married, but her husband had left, leaving her alone and scared about what to do next.  She needed a place to live, her herself, her mother, and her unborn child.   We were able to place her in an apartment with the help of a parish and generous contributors. She welcome her son this summer too, and felt a warm welcome during her journey from that parish.  Her baby was baptized, and this spring, Aimee and her mother will be as well.  
Our mission is to provide shelter to pregnant women and their children so that they may have a successful, healthy pregnancy, while creating a home that is structured, nurturing, and supportive Mothers work toward educational and vocational goals during their time at Guiding Star, and strive to build lasting relationships with the families who join our program.

Guiding Star Ministries have two upcoming events which are listed below.
Knights for Life Dinner
Saturday, February 27, 2016
Trenton Country Club - Trenton, NJ 
The Knights of Columbus, Fr. McCafferty Council #11013, invites you for the return of this auction and dinner, benefiting the Pro-Life Union and Guiding Star Ministries. Join us for dinner, open bar until 8:00 p.m., and silent and live auctions. Use this link to register for this event and purchase tickets.    
Save the Date! -Saturday, February 27, 2016
Annual Blaney Family Fundraiser
More information on this event will be posted here as we receive it. 

Your gift to Guiding Star Ministries fills a very specific need: providing safe housing for women vulnerable to abortion, and their children. We invite you to learn more about this maternity home and ministry, and other homes we fund in the region, by coming for a visit, volunteering at a Saturday Works service event, or mentoring a family on the journey.

 To  make a donation to help Guiding Star Ministries, please use this link.  

The Pro-Life Union is committed to providing alternatives for women and families vulnerable to abortion. Guiding Star is a home for pregnant women and their children, and through this ministry women and families receive safe temporary housing, basic supplies, job, life, and parenting skills, and emotional and community support. Lives are saved and changed because this continuum of care is available, and Guiding Star Ministries is the only home in Philadelphia for both mothers and their children. We invite you to join us in this very special ministry.   

To learn more on the Pro-Life Union, please use this link.  

Are You Coming to the March?‏

from Martin Fox, President
National Pro-Life Alliance

On January 22nd 1973 the Supreme Court handed down abortion-on-demand with their infamous decision on Roe v. Wade.  Every year since then, in what has become known as the "March for Life" pro-lifers gather at our nation's capitol to memorialize that decision and protest the devastating aftermath.

The very first March had 25,000 activists in attendance.  Since then it has grown exponentially, to a regular participation of hundreds of thousands of activists, with young people coming out in droves.

If you've ever been to one, you know it's an inspiring sight.  And there is a mostly untold story of many hundreds of thousands of concerned Americans, who can't come to Washington each year for the march, because of work, family or other duties.

But they pray in vigils to send off the marchers, they gather at places of worship, they fast and pray as they tend to their daily tasks, schoolchildren at their desks, and much more.  No one but God knows just how many people are part of the March without being there. But it is a vast number, I am convinced.  Which is why I'm inviting you to join the National Pro-Life Alliance staff, myself, our volunteers and a host of other pro-lifers at this year's March for Life.

This coming March for Life (on January 22, 2015) will be particularly significant for a couple of reasons.
First, it will be the 43rd anniversary since the Supreme Court legalized abortion-on-demand.

Second, this March will also have the most pro-abortion president in History sitting in the White House.
The past six years, this Barack Obama has made his agenda very clear -- he has already given the abortion lobby free reign of the White House and our taxpayer dollars.  This president has made it clear that he will do everything in his power to advance abortion even further.

You and I must make sure the politicians know that not only are the eyes of the American people on them, but also that we will not tolerate any move to support the president's abortion agenda.  Which is why I am inviting you to join me and my staff at the March for Life this year.  It would be an honor to personally meet you and the other members who have made all of the progress we've made together possible.

This year the March will be held on Friday, January 22nd on the Mall. More details of where your National Pro-Life Alliance will be meeting will be forthcoming, so save the date.   We will be doing more than just marching, however. We will also be collecting petitions to add support for the Life at Conception Act.  Which is why I pray that if you are able that you'll join us. A Life at Conception Act would legislatively overturn Roe v. Wade and ultimately put an end to abortion-on-demand.

Please click here to let me know that you're coming and I'll fill you in with the rest of the details as we get closer to the March for Life.

No let up in Central Texas Battle for Life in 2016; Seven Outreach Events


from John Pisciotta
Director of Pro-Life Waco

  1. Christmas pedestrian overpass outreach
  2. #ProtestBOA in Waco
  3. #ProtestBOA in Austin resumes in January
  4. Life Chain Sunday, January 3
  5. Second Sunday Pro-Life Gathering, January 10
  6. Pedestrian Overpass Outreach is Jan 16
  7. March and Rally for Life in Austin Jan 23
1. Christmas Pedestrian Overpass Outreach

Mike Tusa and sons Frank and Fred have been stalwarts of pro-life outreach in the 4th quarter of our very busy 2015. For Christmas, they took on the responsibility of delivering pedestrian overpass outreach as a family project. On Christmas Eve they were out at the overpass in spring like weather from 8 a.m. to noon. On December 27, the Tusa triad were out for over an hour in brutally cold and rainy weather. May God bless the Tusa family for all they do. Their outreach was not without return--even though we cannot know just what the return was. If you have a family, I ask you to make pro-life outreach part of your family experience in 2016. The Leftwich family does this—at times with four generations together standing for life.

2. #ProtestBOA in Waco

Each Tuesday, we deliver #ProtestBOA outreach in Waco at 11-1 p.m. at 1100 N. Valley Mills Drive. Park in the Kentucky Fried Chicken lot directly across the street from Bank of America or use street parking of Emerson Drive which is right off of Lake Air Drive (with Harold Waite Restaurant on your right and Uncle Dan’s BBQ Restaurant on your left). With school out, perhaps more families with children will participate this Tuesday. Why not add your hand to this outreach. Sure, we will have 5 or 6 regulars out there. But why not 20? This would make a much stronger proclamation about the intensity of our pro-life commitment and encourage others. If you try it, I know you will not regret the experience. Last Tuesday we had a lot of positive response from vehicles and three Bank of America customers closed their accounts on the spot.

3. #ProtestBOA resumes in Austin Wednesday January 6

The Austin location is Bank of America at 515 Congress Ave. Time is 11 to 1 p.m. We will again vanpool from the St. Mary’s parking lot at 15th and Columbus Avenue departing at 9 AM. We will stop in Georgetown for lunch and be back in Waco by about 4 p.m. We take up our pro-life positions for engagement with pedestrians, bikers, auto travelers, and bank employees and customers. Let me know about any Wednesday you will join the gang for an experience you will never forget. We always have challenging and positive developments when we engage in the busy public square in our state capital. Get the entire scoop about Protest Bank of America here:

We are praying that new groups in new cities will jump on board with weekly protests in 2016.

4. Life Chain outreach Sunday, January 3, 2-3 p.m.

We will have our Life Chain outreach this Sunday. Each time we step out in the public square, we have the opportunity to change and save lives. Come out with the family this Sunday from 2 to 3 PM at the intersection of Valley Mills Drive and Waco Drive. Just look for the billboard truck near Pei Wei restaurant. Participation in Life Chain was down in November and December. Yikes, Leon Leftwich was the entire Life Chain in December. He called it a Life Link. Let’s not slide back in any way in 2016.

5. Second Sunday Pro-Life Gathering, January 10

Pro-Life Waco’s Second Sunday luncheon/meeting is January 10. Let’s start strong in 2016. The location is parish hall of St. Mary’s Church in Waco—15th & Columbus. An Italian luncheon will be served throughout the noon hour—adults $3. I am told our meal price is just about 10% of market value. Free for children, pregnant moms, and first-time attendees. During the meeting from 1-2 p.m., we will show a couple short and neat pro-life videos—including a “TED” talk with stunning video animations of life in the womb. As always, we will plan and discuss our pro-life outreach for the weeks ahead. Yard signs and good fellowship are available free of charged.

6. Pedestrian Overpass Outreach is Saturday January 16, noon to 2 p.m.

I can’t wait to get back up on the I-35 pedestrian overpass on Saturday the 16th just prior to the remembrance day of the deadly Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision on January 22. The time for the overpass outreach will be noon to 2 PM. We will start setting up the display at 11:30 a.m. Thousands of passengers will see our pro-life messages. All the signs are G-rated. You may park your vehicle on South 8th street where this street approaches I-35. Seeds will be planted. I pray babies will be saved. The honk of a horn will give hundreds the opportunity to participate in pro-life in a small way. Our signs are powerful. However, the most powerful signs are the presence of pro-lifers proclaiming that the killing of babies in the womb must stop along with all the collateral damage to moms and families.

7. March and Rally for Life in Austin, Saturday, January 23

We will van pool to Austin for this big double-barrel event in Austin. Carpool departs at 10:30 a.m. from the St. Mary’s Waco parking lot at 15th and Columbus Ave. Let me know if you would like to join this enjoyable day. March up Congress Avenue starts at 1 p.m. Several of us will hold one of our big overpass banners in the March up Congress Avenue. Speeches (etc.) at the steps of the capital will be from 2 to3 p.m. This is the largest pro-life event of the year in Texas. Waco should be well represented. We should be back in Waco by 5 p.m. Find out more about the Rally for Life by using this link. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Dangerous Link Between Surrogate Parenting and Abortion

Two recent stories reveal an underlying notion inherent in surrogate parenting arrangements that poisons our view of children and, hence, our culture. And that poisonous idea has spawned a mindset that has killed tens of millions.

by Father Frank Pavone
National Director of Priests for Life 
for Breitbart

As the New York Post reported, Melissa Cook is a California woman who was hired by a Georgia man to be a surrogate mom. Brittneyrose Torres, another California woman, also entered into a surrogacy agreement.

Ms. Cook was implanted with three embryos created by in vitro fertilization; Ms. Torres with two, one of which became twins. Both women are now carrying triplets and neither of the parties with whom they contracted are pleased.

In both cases, genetic parents want the surrogate mom to abort one of the babies she’s carrying. Triplets are not what they “ordered.” And therein lies the mindset problem.

When we, for instance, purchase a shirt online and then receive the wrong size, the wrong color, or the wrong quantity, we return the order and the mistake is corrected. But there’s no return policy for unborn babies. We can’t just put them back on a storage shelf. They are living human beings. We have one of two choices – let them live or kill them.

The genetic parents in the Cook and Torres stories allegedly are pressuring the women to choose the latter option. Of course, they don’t use the term “kill.” In the Orwellian lexicon of the abortion industry, they use the term “selective reduction.” The mothers are expected to decide or be told which of the children should be eliminated and which should live.

All too often in our society, an unborn child is not viewed as a gift to be cherished, but as an item to be procured. Our thoughts are not for the child, but for ourselves. If we’re not ready to accept the delivery of that child, we treat him or her like an “it.”

continue reading at http://www.breitbart.com

2nd Annual March for Life Pep Rally Scheduled for Allentown, PA

From Maggie Sweet, Regional Director
Silent No More 

Our goal is to make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women and men and invite the Public to the 2016 March for Life in Washington by providing them with a compendium of resources including local bus transportation.

Special Guest Speakers:

  • Rev. Dr. Clenard Childress, Founder of Black Genocide.org  
  • Victoria Naoe, Silent No More 

Please take a few moments to view the video of Reverend Childress below:


Please contact Regional Coordinator Maggie Sweet for any questions 215-778-2176

Silent No More Awareness is a Campaign whereby Christians make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women and men. The campaign seeks to expose and heal the secrecy and silence surrounding the emotional and physical pain of abortion.  

For more information on this campaign or to find help, please use this link.  

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Do You See What I See? God Sees a Baby With Potential, What Do You See?


By Dave Andrusko

It was late in the afternoon the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My wife, Lisa, and I had established a temporary safe haven in our kitchen free from the usual chaos that comes with the presence of four joyfully rambunctious children. We’d somehow managed to wrest free a few minutes just to read the paper, enjoy a cup of coffee together, and chat. It was nice!

For reasons I did not fully understand at the time, when I read in our local paper that the Salvation Army was experiencing a dramatic shortage in volunteer bell ringers to man its familiar red kettles, I was so shocked I jumped up from the table and searched out the local number.

The gentle lady who answered mistakenly thought I was someone inquiring about a paid position. When I assured her otherwise, she was so pathetically grateful for my willingness to help them help the poor that a wave of shame washed over me.

How many times, I thought guiltily, had I brushed past these magnanimous folks, who patiently waited for some sign my heart was a few degrees warmer than the temperature outside? How many times had I been so self-absorbed that these devoted volunteers simply blended into the brick facades behind them?

I was mortified when I recall that even though I had occasionally given money, never once had I emerged from my self-absorption long enough to actually “see” them, let alone grasp what their silent vigil stood for. Because I had always looked through them, they never really existed for me. I hastily volunteered for several assignments. (In what was surely a feeble attempt at expiation, I made sure that one of them was on my birthday.)

The moral of this story needn’t be belabored to tenderhearted pro-lifers. When our culture “looks” at the vulnerable, all too often there is a failure to recognize and therefore an inability to reach out in love and compassion. This is never more true than in our treatment of the littlest Americans, the unborn child.

HHS Inspector General to Investigate Fetal Tissue Research

Planned Parenthood rally

By: Morgan Chalfant
Free Beacon

The Department of Health and Human Services’ inspector general is launching an investigation into the federal government’s oversight of fetal tissue research following a series of undercover videos that appeared to show Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of fetal parts.

The Hill reported that the investigation was spurred by Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.), a presidential candidate, and 34 other Republican senators who requested the inspector general launch an investigation.

On Tuesday, Paul published a letter dated Dec. 4 from Daniel Levinson, the HHS inspector general, disclosing the investigation.

“We will interview HHS and National Institutes of Health (NIH) officials, as the majority of HHS funding for human fetal tissue research is awarded through NIH. This approach will also focus on gathering relevant documentation related to policies and procedures for monitoring fetal tissue research activities,” Levinson outlined in the letter.

“Our goal is to obtain information related to fetal tissue research grants, NIH’s monitoring procedures over third-party certifications and those related to the Department’s internal fetal tissue research, and any known violations of federal requirements.”

Story continues: http://freebeacon.com/issues/

College Sorority Revokes Membership of Pro-Life Student Who Protested Abortion at Planned Parenthood


By Micaiah Bilger
Life News

A young Iowa woman is accusing her college sorority of kicking her out after she voiced her pro-life views on Facebook.

MacKenzie Dreeszen, an alumni of Cornell College in Iowa, joined a protest against Planned Parenthood in August after undercover videos showed the abortion business trafficking aborted babies’ body parts, according to Caffeinated Thoughts.

The trouble began when Dreeszen posted a photo of the rally and later a message on Facebook that said, “220 people are here in Des Moines protesting taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood…not exactly something that you can ignore #alllivesmatter #defundPP #ProtestPP.”

Dreeszen said her Facebook friends began debating in the comments sections of her posts, including several members of her sorority, Delta Phi Delta. Dreeszen, who now works for the Polk County, Iowa Republican Party, said she liked a few of the comments but otherwise did not participate in the conversations.

“The next day, a Delphi alum who graduated a year before I did started sending me nasty messages that were personally attacking me, my friends, and John (Dreeszen’s fiancĂ©e), calling him a murderer because he served in Iraq and Afghanistan … I tried to defend myself and John, but realized that the situation was too emotionally charged and I blocked my friend,” Dreeszen told the news site.

The trouble didn’t end there. Six weeks later, Dreeszen was caught off guard when the Cornell College chapter of Delta Phi Delta sent her an email announcing that the sorority’s judicial board voted to revoke her alum status, according to the report. The board accused her of violating an article of the sorority’s constitution, which states, “Members should respect each other and the group.”


The new pro-family government is starting a program of 
monthly bonuses to encourage having more children

by Christine Niles

WARSAW (ChurchMilitant.com) - Poland is going to start paying couples to have more children.

Only weeks after the election of the Law and Justice Party, the conservative, pro-Catholic prime minister, Beata Szydlo, made good on her campaign promise and approved a measure Tuesday that will start paying families monthly bonuses for every child beyond the first. Poor families will receive bonuses for all children. The monthly stipend will consist of 500 zlotys (about $124).

The measure will next go to the public forum for comment and debate, and must be passed by parliament before taking effect in spring 2016. Funding will come from proposed bank and supermarket taxes, among other things.

With an average of only 1.3 children per family — beneath the replacement fertility rate of 2.1 children per woman — Poland has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, raising concerns over the country's ability to keep its economy and pension system going.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ohio Sends $1 Million to Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Helping Women Find Abortion Alternatives


By Micaiah Bilger  
Life News

Ohio moms and babies are getting a wonderful Christmas present from the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.

The state announced Tuesday that it will provide $1 million to 13 pro-life pregnancy centers in the 2016-2017 state budget, according to Ohio Right to Life. Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed the budget, which included the funding, in July; but the recipients of the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program funding were just announced this week.

“Ohio is blessed to be home to more than 140 pregnancy centers that are actively assisting new mothers during and after pregnancy,” said Stephanie Ranade Krider, executive director of Ohio Right to Life. “Centers like this year’s awardees continue to show us what it means to truly care for Ohio’s most vulnerable across the span of life. They are true community leaders who will turn every dollar they’ve earned into saved lives.”

These organizations provide free material assistance to pregnant women in need, as well as parenting classes for mothers and fathers alike, a service that many centers consider a core element in empowering families. Many also offer free pregnancy tests, diapers, maternity clothes, baby supplies, counseling and assistance referrals.

Abortion Facilities have History of Lying to Women About Fetal Development

by Sarah Terzo
Live Action News

Abortion facilities have a long and shameful history of lying to abortion-minded women about the development of their preborn babies.

One post-abortive woman identified as Sue recalls:

The doctor said: “Don’t worry, it’s not formed till after 12 weeks.” Then I saw the Human Body program [on the ABC]. I would not have gone ahead if I’d been told the truth about the formation of the baby.”(1)
Below is a picture of an ultrasound of a preborn baby at just 10 weeks in the womb.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Who Decides to End a Life?


Remember when those who worried about “death panels” were mocked? Well, it’s no joking matter now.

By: John Stonestreet

Imagine you’re the mom or dad of a 46-year-old former sheriff’s deputy who’s been in the hospital for two months after a non-cancerous mass was found on his pancreas. Imagine further that your son is on a ventilator but can still interact with you and make his wishes known via movements of his hands or head. Imagine that in these interactions your son has clearly said he wants to live. Then consider your son had no health insurance when he went to the hospital, and now, a hospital “ethics committee” has decided it’s time to pull the plug, because further treatment is not “in the best interest of the patient.”

Unfortunately, this is not a bad dream for Evelyn Kelly, who’s fighting desperately to save the life of her son, Christopher Dunn.

Dunn is at Houston Methodist Hospital. Under the Texas Advanced Directives Act, Houston Methodist has decided to withdraw life-sustaining treatment. His mother is taking the hospital to court, saying the law is unconstitutional. “They want to kill my son,” Mrs. Kelly says. They say there is nothing else they can do for him, but I don’t believe that. When they found out that Chris did not have insurance, they said they were done.”

Urgent Prayer to Jeanneane Maxon Needed!

from Troy Newman, President
Operation Rescue

Our dear friend, Jeanneane Maxon, urgently needs your prayers! She has been suddenly diagnosed with brain cancer and is scheduled for surgery to remove a tumor the size of a lime from her brain.

As you may know, Jeanneane has poured her life out on behalf of the babies, and has been a true friend to Operation Rescue. Now we need to be there for her!

Jeaneanne is currently hospitalized at the UT Southwestern Medical Center, located at5323 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75390. Right now, she is in Room 509, but that will change tomorrow morning.

Jeanneane has asked for prayer for her surgeons, Dr. Neepa Patel and Dr. Bruce Mickey. They are being very positive about Jeaneane's chances for a full recovery, but this will be a long convalescence with additional treatment expected, so ongoing prayer for her is essential!

After her surgery and an expected week in Intensive Care, Jeanneane will be recovering at the home of her sister and brother-in law.

This family is experiencing unexpected expenses as a result of Jeanneane's sudden diagnosis and impending surgery. We are asking you to help this family out as well as they care for Jeanneane's needs.

Please send Walmart, Target, CVS, Dallas-area restaurant, Amazon, iTunes, Toys 'R Us (for nephews for Christmas as they spend time with Aunt Jeanneane at the hospital) GIFT CARDS to their address:
Jeanneane Maxon
c/o Nathan Dixon
1404 Anchor Dr.
Wylie, TX 75098
You may ship a care package to Jeanneane (using above address) with any of the following: pajamas, magazines, candy, interesting articles, iTunes gift cards (so she can order movies) -- and anything else encouraging!

Please pass on prayer requests for her on Social Media. We need to get #TeamJeanneane praying, especially tomorrow as she undergoes surgery!

Thanks so much for your prayers on behalf of our precious sister and your support for her needs and the needs of her family!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

He's the Reason for the Season

by Tom Graffagnino‎

In this day and age of secular and political correctness, doubt and encroaching faithlessness, we often see at Christmastime this reminder: “Jesus is the reason for the season”. Somewhere along the line….somewhere between Woodstock and Iraq…Frosty the Snowman and Miley Cyrus joined forces to begin trying to devour the meaning of Christmas.

It is sad that so many today need to be reminded that Jesus IS the “reason for the season”. That’s bad enough. But it is, I think, more needful to remind ourselves that in reality Jesus is much, much more than that…...

Use this link for another of Tom's beautiful poems.  

A very Merry Christmas from all of us at Voices for the Unborn! 

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China’s “Black Children” Will come Out of the Shadows

But is it a case of too little, too late?

by Steven W. Mosher
Population Research Institute

For 25 long years Ah Fan has lived in the shadows. Conceived by her parents before they were of a legal age to marry and have children, government officials demanded that she be aborted. Instead, her mother went into hiding and gave birth to her in secret.

Her parents could have registered her birth—if they had been willing and able to pay a huge fine. As seasonal factory workers, they simply did not have the money.

Instead, Ah Fan joined the ranks of the “black children.” These are the millions of children conceived and born in violation of the one-child policy who do not exist in the eyes of the government. They are, in a very real sense, undocumented aliens in their own native land.

Because they are not registered with the government, such children are not eligible for medical care or dental care at government-run clinics and hospitals. They are also not eligible to enroll in government-run day cares or schools. As a result, many grow up sickly and illiterate.

When, like Ah Fan, they finally reach maturity, they cannot get a government job—or any job, really—since they do not have what is called a hukou. These are government-issued “household registration” documents that identify them as citizens. Sort of like a birth certificate, social security card, work permit, and internal passport all rolled up into one. Without a “household registration,” no one will hire them except employers looking for cheap day labor with little scrutiny from the government. Such laborers receive little pay and no benefits.

This is now about to change, according to Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping. Secretary Xi has just announced that Ah Fan and millions like her will finally be allowed to register, presumably without paying a huge fine, and will then receive the treasured hukou documents that allow them to legally reside, go to school, and work in the cities where they already live.

Read the full article HERE.

 The Population Research Institute is a non-profit research group whose goals are to expose the myth of overpopulation, to expose human rights abuses committed in population control programs, and to make the case that people are the world’s greatest resource. Our growing, global network of pro-life groups spans over 30 countries. For more information, please use this link.  



By Bob Unruh

A federal judge in California has ordered pro-life and faith-based pregnancy centers to promote abortion, because “the public interest would be served.”

But the ruling from U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White is a long way from the end of the conflict. Several parallel cases in other jurisdictions challenge the constitutionality of the state demand that pro-life centers post a sign promoting the state’s abortion services.

The pro-life care centers sued, arguing the Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care and Transparency Act was a blatant violation of the constitutional principle that government cannot force individuals to convey government-mandated speech.

White determined, nevertheless, that “the public interest would be served by denying the stay pending appeal and allow the development of government policies generated through legislation or regulations developed through presumptively reasoned democratic processes.”

The Trial Insider blog reported the law was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, and enforcement is set to begin Jan. 1.

Focusing on its aim of recognizing “human life from the moment of conception and to minister in the name of Jesus Christ to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies,” the care centers said the mandated state notice “is inconsistent with their religious commitments as they believe that ‘abortion is wrong and have never referred, nor would they refer, a client to have an abortion.’”
Read more: http://www.wnd.com/2015/12/

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Many Fronts of Pro-life Battle: Bank of America, Yard Signs, and Other Updates from Pro-Life Waco

  1. Protest Bank of America
  2. Defund Planned Parenthood Yard Signs
  3. A Busy Pro-Life January: I-35 Overpass and State Capital grounds
  4. Clinic Worker Stories: Live Streaming VideoMonday Evening
from John Pisciotta (The Protest Retireee), 
Director of Pro-Life Waco

Friends dedicated to ending the shedding of innocent blood, Christmas is near. Pro-Life Waco will slow its outreach, but will not hit the pause button.

1. Protest Bank of America

For the remainders of December, will continue Protest Bank of America in Waco but NOT IN AUSTIN. We restart our impactful weekly protest events at Bank of America in Austin on Wednesday, January 6.

So on Tuesdays, December 22 AND 29 we stand in the public square for life at the Waco BOA branch at 1100 Valley Mills Drive from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Perhaps at this time of year you have a schedule change that will allow you to join in. Perhaps you have thought about joining this outreach but haven’t. We would love to have you with us to proclaim with our presence, our signs and our flyers. Park in the Kentucky Fried Chicken lot directly across the street from Bank of America or use street parking of Emerson Drive which is right off Lake Air Drive (with Harold Waite Restaurant on your right and Uncle Dan’s BBQ Restaurant on your left). Come out with your family, perhaps in Christmas dress, and create a very special family memory for Christmas 2015.

For those of you outside of Waco and Austin, I looking for (with great urgency) folks in other cities and states who will deliver weekly Protest Bank of America outreach in their cities beginning in January. I want Bank of American national executives to feel “shock and awe” about protests at Bank of America branches around countries. Pro-Life Waco will provide large protest sign to the “coalition of the willing.” Look and read all about #ProtestBOA by clicking here.

2. Defund Planned Parenthood Yard Signs

I know you seen the special yard signs with the messages “Defund Planned Parenthood” and “End Planned Parenthood’s Evil.”

If you want a sign to display in your front yard, just pick one or two up at my front doorsteps 4200 Grim Ave. The signs are free. Display the sign and you will be sending the profound message that your neighbors have at least one neighbor family that cares deeply about defending innocent life.

3. A Busy Pro-Life January: I-35 Overpass and State Capital grounds

In addition to PLW’s regular monthly activities of First Sunday Life Chain and Second Sunday Pro-life Gathering, we will have two special events in January. On Saturday, January 16, we will again deliver a pedestrian overpass outreach on Interstate 35 near Baylor. 

On the following Saturday, January 23, we will vanpool to Austin for the annual March and Rally for Life at our State Capital. These are tremendous outreach events. I will provide details later. In the meantime please mark your calendar.

4. Clinic Worker Stories: Live Streaming Video Monday Evening

Finally, a very special life streaming video broadcast will happen beginning at 7 p.m. on Monday December 21. The name is “Exposed: Clinic Worker Stories.” This is from Abby Johnson’s outreach to Planned Parenthood employees. Four former PP employee will share their stories about experiences working in the abortion industry. You can register to listen live here:

One more “finally”. Pro-Life Waco has some special needs for volunteer support for 2016
  • Someone to take still photos at PLW outreach events.
  • Someone to take video (and possibly edit) at PLW outreach events.
  • Someone(s) will to help drive the pro-life billboard truck to and from Planned Parenthood on weekdays.
Please email me at prolifewaco@gmail.com if you can help.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and strong ministries for the Gospel of Life in 2016.

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Memorial Mass for the Feast of the Holy Innocents to be Celebrated in Bucks County, Pa.


The Feast of the Holy Innocents is observed each December 28th to remember the children slaughtered by King Herod and his henchmen.

According to the Gospel of Matthew, Herod ordered the execution of all young male children in the "Vicinity of Bethlehem," so as to avoid the loss of his throne to a newborn King of the Jews whose birth had been announced to him by the Magi. (Wikipedia)

This feast day holds a particular significance to the pro-life movement as we also remember all the innocent pre-born babies killed each and every day through the terrible sin of abortion.

In the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA, a Mass is celebrated each year on this date to honor the memory of those children who have been killed these past 40 years though abortion.
The Mass and memorial service for the Feast of the Holy Innocents, will be held in Bucks County at St. Cyril of Jerusalem Church, located at 1410 Almshouse Road in Jamison, Pa. at 7:00 pm.
All are invited to attend and refreshments will be served following the Mass.

Use this link to find directions to St. Cyril of Jerusalem Church

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Study Reports Drop in Number of Planned Parenthood Affiliates

by Cassy Fiano 
Live Action News 

The American Life League just released their STOPP International project, a study that researched Planned Parenthood. The study looked into the salaries of Planned Parenthood CEOs and employees, as well as the number of affiliates. They discovered that 23 Planned Parenthood centers closed in 2015, from 668 to 645. It’s a far cry from their glory days of 1995, when they boasted 938 facilities.

The STOPP International study had more interesting information, though. In addition to the drop in overall facilities, they’ve documented a drop in Planned Parenthood affiliates as well.

The 62 affiliates brought in $1,066,438,338 in 2013 
  • They’ve merged 17 affiliates since 2011; that’s a 23.4 percent decrease in the last four years
  • That is an average of a 4.68 percent decrease per year
  • If Planned Parenthood continues consolidating at that rate, we can expect it will continue to merge an average of 3 affiliates a year

continue reading this article at http://liveactionnews.org

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Announcing Our BRAND NEW Locations!

from Lauren Muzyka, Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

Please give a warm PRO-LIFE welcome to our BRAND NEW Sidewalk Advocates for Life locations!

The following cities will start around January 1 (or soon after), peacefully offering loving, life-affirming alternatives to women and men entering their local abortion facility...
  • Annapolis, MD*
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Glendale, AZ
  • Lake of the Ozarks, MO
  • Lynn, MA*
  • Miami, FL*
  • Milwaukee (South), WI
  • Nashville, TN
  • Philadelphia, PA*
  • Providence, RI*
  • Stamford, CT
  • Tampa (South), FL
  • Winston-Salem, NC*
*Note: These locations have already started their program.
**Note: These locations will start later in the quarter.
***Note: These locations returned after a short break.

These locations join our existing locations who are continuing their program!

Total, we are now up to 80 participating Sidewalk Advocates for Life locations! Praise God!

If you live near one of these locations, you might consider attending a local training and becoming an active Sidewalk Advocate, offering loving, life-affirming alternatives to women and men entering the abortion center. The spirit is peaceful and the effectiveness of this method is undeniable -- simply because it's based in sharing the love of Christ!

Details on how to get involved in your local Sidewalk Advocates for Life program are found in the LOCATIONS tab on our main website:using this link -- click on your closest location and see contact info for the local program. (Note: We are still in the process of uploading all these locations to the web; if you do not see your location, check back in a few days!)

What if you don't have a location near you?

Consider bringing a Sidewalk Advocates for Life Sidewalk Advocacy program to your local community very soon! Applications will be open from February 1-29! Be sure to visit our website for more details: www.sidewalkadvocates.org.
Let us know if you have any questions! In the meantime, we ask you to keep all of our new and existing locations in your prayers, that many lives continue to be saved and many hearts transformed by the grace and power of God's love!

It is our prayer that no abortion facility in America and beyond goes without peaceful, loving, well-trained sidewalk counselors! Thank you, friends, for joining us in this incredibly important mission to transform hearts, save lives and end abortion!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

She Accidentally Saw Her Ultrasound Before the Abortion: “I Saw Little Arms, Legs and a Head”


By Micaiah Bilger

Life News

Jill was sitting on the cold metal table waiting for the abortion doctor to come in when her mind kept returning to her unborn child.

Jill told Live Action News she wasn’t sure that she wanted an abortion, but her former fiance pushed her to end the life of their unborn child. Heartbroken, the 26-year-old scheduled an appointment at Planned Parenthood.

It was a terrible experience. Jill said her counseling session consisted of just two questions and a sterile movie that hid the reality of abortion. She said women were “being shuffled from room to room by clinic staff, like cattle, really. Up to the payment desk for the privilege of paying Planned Parenthood to kill their child.” Then the abortion clinic did an ultrasound

“I accidentally saw my ultrasound when I went up to pay the Planned Parenthood cashier. I saw little arms, little legs, and a head,” Jill wrote.

After seeing her unborn child, Jill wrote that she pled with her fiance to change his mind: “This is not right. I saw the baby, on the ultrasound. We must work this out; we must leave this place.” But her former fiancĂ© answered, “I can’t.”

Live Action News shares more of Jill’s story:

House Will Send Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood to Obama in January, Sets Veto Override Vote


Steven Ertelt
Life News

The House of Representatives announced plans today for January votes to confirm the changes the Senate made to the reconciliation bill that would de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business, which was caught selling the body parts of aborted babies.Hearings have exposed how the abortion company likely violated federal laws to sell the body parts.

The House plans to vote for the Senate-passed de-funding legislation on January 6 after Congress returns from its Christmas break. Once it approves the bill, Speaker Paul Ryan will sign it and send it to pro-abortion President Barack Obama, who is expected to veto the legislation. The vote would come days before Obama’s expected State of the Union address and Obama has 10 days to sign or veto the bill, which he’s already threatened to do.

Following Obama’s veto, House Republican leaders announced they will push for a veto override vote on January 26th. That vote would come just days after more than half a million Americans are expected to march for life in the nation’s capital and solemnly mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which has resulted in the deaths of 57 million unborn babies since 1973.

Both the House and Senate would need a two-third vote (67%) to override Obama’s expected veto. The House passed the bill in October on a 55% vote margin with virtually every Democrat voting against it.

Leading pro-life groups say the passage of the Planned Parenthood de-funding bill and the subsequent veto and override votes sets up the pro-life movement for the 2016 elections — where pro-life voters will need to defeat pro-abortion Hillary Clinton and elect a pro-life president if they want the nation’s biggest abortion business de-funded in 2017.

Group Helps Memorialize Children Lost Through Miscarriage, Stillbirths

From CaholicPhilly.com

ARLINGTON, Va. (CNS) — When Kara Palladino lost a child through miscarriage about a year ago, she knew she wanted to bury the baby in a way that honored her Catholic faith.

But after calling a long list of funeral homes and cemeteries, she couldn’t find any with a plan in place to bury and memorialize an infant lost before birth. In many cases, the cost was prohibitive, with one cemetery charging $5,000 for a burial.

The experience motivated Palladino, a parishioner of Holy Trinity Church in Gainesville, to make the process easier for other grieving parents.

“I didn’t want people to have to suffer needlessly, to have to hear ‘no’, ‘no,’ ‘no’ when they are in such a state,” she said. So the mother of seven — including one deceased child — went to work creating “a m.o.m.s. peace: a ministry for mothers of miscarried and stillborn souls.”

The ministry walks families through the burial process and offers programs to commemorate the young lives. It aligns with Catholic teaching, but individuals of all faiths are welcome, said Palladino. Serving families in central and Northern Virginia, the ministry charges a small fee to cover costs, which are offset by donations.

Through partnerships with local cemeteries, a m.o.m.s. peace helps secure an affordable location to bury a child and helps obtain graveside markers and a casket. The ministry also serves parents who do not have the baby’s remains. Whether a woman loses a baby late-term or miscarries just weeks into the pregnancy, “we are here to embrace her,” Palladino told the Arlington Catholic Herald, newspaper of the Diocese of Arlington.

Mary McCarthy Hines, who gave birth to her stillborn daughter in September, reached out to a m.o.m.s. peace for help ordering and overseeing the installation of a grave marker. “When grieving, any amount of help you can get to handle those logistical details takes such a load off the effort,” said Hines, a member of St. Raymond of Penafort Church in Springfield.

continue reading at http://catholicphilly.com

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Meg Profoundly Regrets Her Abortion: “I Lived in Shame and Darkness” Until I Found Christ


By Dave Andrusko

As we wrote in “Set to abort, mother who changed her mind says without her son, ‘I wouldn’t have had a purpose yet,’” The Cincinnati Enquirer, no hotbed of pro-life sentiment, ran a series of six stories headlined “Abortion: The most important decision of her life–How six women, who each considered abortion, made their decision.”

Our first post was on Brittany Davis who had intended to abort but by mistake wound up in the parking lot of a CPC. She realized she really didn’t want to have an abortion and now is the proud and happy mother of Liam.

This second story is about Meg Perez and was written by Carrie Cochran and Chrissie Thompson.

The headline is apt—“After adoption, an abortion – and regret” — but only begins to capture her complicated and tragic decision and the “bumpy” road to self-forgiveness. It is a long story very much worth reading in its entirety.

Perez was a newly single mom with a three year old son. When she became pregnant, her boyfriend wanted no part of raising a child. There were work pressures, financial pressures, plus “I had no support,” Perez said. She calls it “emotional chaos.” Moreover

“I felt like I couldn’t reach out to my family with a second mistake in 20-some years, and I didn’t want to burden anyone with it. … It was another dose of shame, layered over me.”

Story continues:http://www.lifenews.com/2015/12/17