Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Socialite Decides to Kill Herself in an Assisted Suicide at 50 Rather Than Grow Old


Llife News: Micaiah Bilger, London, England

A judge in England recently set a deadly precedent when he allowed a psychologically ill woman to kill herself simply because she was worried about growing old and fat.

Judgge Justice MacDonald decided that the woman, “Clare,” had weighed the facts in her case and reached a “clear and reasoned decision” on her own, according to The Daily Mail. MacDonald said he ruled in her favor reluctantly because he knew the decision “will alarm and possibly horrify many.”

It is indeed a horrific decision that could threaten many vulnerable people’s lives. Those facing depression or other psychological illnesses could succumb to similar fates as Clare.

Three different psychiatrists examined Clare and diagnosed her with narcissistic personality disorder and underlying histrionic personality disorder, the report states. Despite knowing this, the judge ruled to allow her to kill herself. She died last weekend, shortly after turning 50 years old.

Clare was diagnosed with breast cancer late last year and went through surgery and radiotherapy but refused any medication because she was afraid it would make her fat, the report states.

In September, she tried to kill herself by overdosing and drinking champagne, but she lived through it. The Daily Mail reports more:

She was admitted to King’s College Hospital in London for specialist care and initially agreed to undergo kidney dialysis to treat the overdose.

Although her recovery was taking longer than expected, doctors reassured her that her prognosis was good. If she wanted it, she could have a second chance. A future awaited her.

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