Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Your American Values‏ - Stop Supporting Abortion

From Susan B. Anthony List

With each phone bill you are helping to support Pro-Abortion groups and politicians that fund and support abortion. Maybe you have been stuck in a contract or the thought of making the switch is too much of a hassle. But for a very limited time we are offering our lowest prices ever.

You can keep supporting the Pro-abortion lobby or you can make the decision to support life with every text, tweet and status update.

Eos Mobile is the Pro-Life mobile company. Eos gives up to 3% of every dollar you spend to Susan B. Anthony List to aid in their fight to elect pro-life candidates.

We are running a special New Year price never before offered and valid for only a limited time.

For $50 per month you receive Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts and Unlimited Data and that price includes your choice of a Free iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4.**

Donn't need or want data? We have a gret deal for you as well - $25 a month for unlimited text and talk.

Supplies are very limited, when the phones designated for this promotion are gone so will these prices.

With Eos Mobile you’ll receive:
  • Same level of service you receive today with your pro-abortion company
  • Some of the fastest data speeds available anywhere
  • Up to 3% of every dollar you spend goes to support your pro-life values and Susan B. Anthony List.
  • Plus, keep your current phone number

We are proud to share with you a Conservative alternative to the liberal values of your current phone company. Again, you’ll get the same quality of service, lower cost and help support conservative groups and candidates.

To learn more about how you can join the Pro-Life wireless revolution, call 877-367-7524 today.

The sooner you call, the quicker you can ensure that not another penny of your cell phone bill goes to electing candidates in 2016 who do not share your values.

Call 877-367-7524 to Get Started


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