Sunday, December 6, 2015

China's Abortion Policy: New Name, Same Death

Reggie Littlejohn
Reggie LittleJohn, Women's Rights Without Frontiers

WND Bob Unruh

A few weeks back Chinese officials announced the “abandonment” of their decades-old one-child policy that was to prevent any woman from having a second child.

It involved assembling an army estimated at one million public family planning officials and specific plans to force abortions on women for any pregnancy after their first, imposing massive fines on them, and even preventing those children who avoided the abortionists’ death chamber from getting an education.

Many around the globe, stressed by newly developed threats to humanity from Muslim terrorists, listened to China, breathed a sigh of relief and checked China’s baby limits off their list.

That was premature, says Reggie Littlejohn, the chief of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, which has fought China’s forced abortions for years.

In fact, according to testimony she prepared for a meeting of the Congressional Executive Commission on China on Thursday, she explained that the nation is still running the same death program; it’s just that the penalties kick in after two children, rather than one.
The hearing was held by commission, whose members include Rep. Chris Smith and Sen. Marco Rubio.

“China’s two-child policy continues the same massive crimes against women and children that were committed under the one-child policy,” Littlejohn said bluntly. “A two-child policy will not end forced abortion or forced sterilization.”

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