Monday, December 21, 2015

Many Fronts of Pro-life Battle: Bank of America, Yard Signs, and Other Updates from Pro-Life Waco

  1. Protest Bank of America
  2. Defund Planned Parenthood Yard Signs
  3. A Busy Pro-Life January: I-35 Overpass and State Capital grounds
  4. Clinic Worker Stories: Live Streaming VideoMonday Evening
from John Pisciotta (The Protest Retireee), 
Director of Pro-Life Waco

Friends dedicated to ending the shedding of innocent blood, Christmas is near. Pro-Life Waco will slow its outreach, but will not hit the pause button.

1. Protest Bank of America

For the remainders of December, will continue Protest Bank of America in Waco but NOT IN AUSTIN. We restart our impactful weekly protest events at Bank of America in Austin on Wednesday, January 6.

So on Tuesdays, December 22 AND 29 we stand in the public square for life at the Waco BOA branch at 1100 Valley Mills Drive from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Perhaps at this time of year you have a schedule change that will allow you to join in. Perhaps you have thought about joining this outreach but haven’t. We would love to have you with us to proclaim with our presence, our signs and our flyers. Park in the Kentucky Fried Chicken lot directly across the street from Bank of America or use street parking of Emerson Drive which is right off Lake Air Drive (with Harold Waite Restaurant on your right and Uncle Dan’s BBQ Restaurant on your left). Come out with your family, perhaps in Christmas dress, and create a very special family memory for Christmas 2015.

For those of you outside of Waco and Austin, I looking for (with great urgency) folks in other cities and states who will deliver weekly Protest Bank of America outreach in their cities beginning in January. I want Bank of American national executives to feel “shock and awe” about protests at Bank of America branches around countries. Pro-Life Waco will provide large protest sign to the “coalition of the willing.” Look and read all about #ProtestBOA by clicking here.

2. Defund Planned Parenthood Yard Signs

I know you seen the special yard signs with the messages “Defund Planned Parenthood” and “End Planned Parenthood’s Evil.”

If you want a sign to display in your front yard, just pick one or two up at my front doorsteps 4200 Grim Ave. The signs are free. Display the sign and you will be sending the profound message that your neighbors have at least one neighbor family that cares deeply about defending innocent life.

3. A Busy Pro-Life January: I-35 Overpass and State Capital grounds

In addition to PLW’s regular monthly activities of First Sunday Life Chain and Second Sunday Pro-life Gathering, we will have two special events in January. On Saturday, January 16, we will again deliver a pedestrian overpass outreach on Interstate 35 near Baylor. 

On the following Saturday, January 23, we will vanpool to Austin for the annual March and Rally for Life at our State Capital. These are tremendous outreach events. I will provide details later. In the meantime please mark your calendar.

4. Clinic Worker Stories: Live Streaming Video Monday Evening

Finally, a very special life streaming video broadcast will happen beginning at 7 p.m. on Monday December 21. The name is “Exposed: Clinic Worker Stories.” This is from Abby Johnson’s outreach to Planned Parenthood employees. Four former PP employee will share their stories about experiences working in the abortion industry. You can register to listen live here:

One more “finally”. Pro-Life Waco has some special needs for volunteer support for 2016
  • Someone to take still photos at PLW outreach events.
  • Someone to take video (and possibly edit) at PLW outreach events.
  • Someone(s) will to help drive the pro-life billboard truck to and from Planned Parenthood on weekdays.
Please email me at if you can help.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and strong ministries for the Gospel of Life in 2016.

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