Monday, December 21, 2015

Study Reports Drop in Number of Planned Parenthood Affiliates

by Cassy Fiano 
Live Action News 

The American Life League just released their STOPP International project, a study that researched Planned Parenthood. The study looked into the salaries of Planned Parenthood CEOs and employees, as well as the number of affiliates. They discovered that 23 Planned Parenthood centers closed in 2015, from 668 to 645. It’s a far cry from their glory days of 1995, when they boasted 938 facilities.

The STOPP International study had more interesting information, though. In addition to the drop in overall facilities, they’ve documented a drop in Planned Parenthood affiliates as well.

The 62 affiliates brought in $1,066,438,338 in 2013 
  • They’ve merged 17 affiliates since 2011; that’s a 23.4 percent decrease in the last four years
  • That is an average of a 4.68 percent decrease per year
  • If Planned Parenthood continues consolidating at that rate, we can expect it will continue to merge an average of 3 affiliates a year

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