Sunday, December 13, 2015

“Grandma:” The New “Abortion Comedy” Glamour Magazine Calls an “Uplifting” Movie


By Dave Andrusko    

The quest to “normalize” abortion could never be–and was never intended to be–merely an attempt to take abortion “out of the shadows.” Nor was it/could it ever be just a campaign to say that snuffing out your defenseless kid is a kind of sick rite of passage, although there’s plenty of that.

There was always much more to normalizing abortion than rooting out our instinctive repugnance to the barbarism that is abortion, although clearly that is a huge component.

No, it’s always been ultimately about making a joke out of abandoning our commitment to the future, about that knowing smirk saved for those dolts who are silly enough to defend the proposition that we have a moral and ethical obligations to the children we have brought into being.

Granted, you don’t go toGlamourmagazine for insights into the human condition. But their stories tell us something about what the publication believes is the proper (if I can use that word in this context) response to matters of sexual ethics and human relationships.

In an un-bylined piece that popped up today online, you see more evidence of the ever-faster race to the bottom: “Has Grandma invented the ‘abortion comedy’?

We’ve written about “Grandma” previously: “First ‘Obvious Child,’ now Lily Tomlin as ‘Grandma.’ Can one be worse than the other?”

Let’s say that for most people with no particular position on abortion, they would find it (to be polite) puzzling that Glamour tells us “So this weekend’s most uplifting film is about er, abortion.”

The movie “Grandma” is a variation of the ‘on the road’ films where the zany characters they meet hid the nihilistic impulses that so often are thinly disguised. Glamour loves the film because (as I read the review) abortion is just a vehicle by which three generations of women can hash out and work through decades of estrangement.

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