Wednesday, December 9, 2015

BreakPoint Daily: Divine Mercy for Needy Expecting Mothers


What could be more divine than showing mercy to needy women
who are expecting a child? Here's one doctor’s story.

By: Eric Metaxas

During the Advent season, our thoughts turn to images of a young, poor couple making a grueling, 90-mile journey, probably in a caravan which offered some protection from bandits and robbers. The young woman, nine months pregnant, is riding a donkey—not especially comfortable for a woman in her condition. She and her betrothed are likely living off bread they brought from home. When they arrive at their destination, exhausted and cold, they are dismayed to find that the local inns are full up. As they search for shelter, the woman suddenly goes into labor.

As most of us know, this little drama has a happy ending: A baby—the Son of God!--is born in a primitive stable. His cries mingle with the baa-ing of sheep, the braying of donkeys, and the singing of angels.

The familiar narrative gives us a warm glow this time of year. But as we sit in our cozy, comfortable homes, perhaps the story should also remind us that there are thousands of American women in the same position as Mary—young, poor and unexpectedly pregnant. Women for whom the outcome may not be quite so happy.

This time of the year is the perfect time to be reminded of the needs of expectant moms who need our help and support, and Dr. Bruchalski's story is a great encouragement. Learn more about the doctor and his non-profit organization Divine Mercy Care by clicking on this link.

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